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Additional thoughts  

if BULLITT had been produced in 1966?

Max Balchowsky might have recommended a clean 66 Mustang Fastback like this one. Here is a sample of how this car might have looked like.
It is John and Pet's Payne mean machine. John wrote: "Just been on your BULLITT site (its excellent) and thought you might like to see our 66 fastback which we built in the "spirit" of BULLITT.

We prefer the 66 shape but love the colour and wheels of BULLITT. The car is a 289 auto with quite a few engine modifications, the suspension is lowered and stiffer and the wheels are 15x7 with 215/60 tyres. The colour is not Highland Green but Brooklands Green off a mid 90's Renault Laguna etc."
Real nice car, John and Pet!


Another 66 GT from Eric Rumpf

"Love the movie, love the car, love the site.
All of us Bullitt fans out there are sure glad this site is around. I've always been a Mustang Fastback fan. Liked the GT's and Cobras along with the Bullitt Mustang of course. I've ended up with a mix of all three... 1966 Ivy Green A-Code GT. Original GT options, some Cobra trim and American Racing Torq Thrust 'D's. 
This summer (June 2001) it will be on display at the Palo Alto Concours D'Elegance in California next to the 2001/2002 Special Edition Bullitt Mustang remake. I'm a proud owner. 
Hope you enjoy the pictures.
Regards, Eric Rumpf"

Of course Eric, and our visitors as well. Any other Mustang model year, that wants to be in the "What, if.." section?



What, if BULLITT had been produced in 1969?

Warner Bros. and Max Balchowsky would have probably chosen a 69er Mustang for the "bumping". Here is an example of how this car might have been modified. Check out the engine compartment internals, the white Shelby stripes and the "standard" BULLITT options like Highland green colour and American Racing Torq-Thrusts all around. Mean 69er, isn't it. 

This car belongs to a nice couple in southern Germany (TS). The engine compartment shows a lot of performance workmanship. It has racing buckets with 4-point shoulder-belts inside, 4-speed trans, column mounted tach..and a center-mounted emergency switch. What for...if not....meant for bumping through Chestnut Street?


What, if there would be a remake in cyberspace?


Maybe Alan Moore from Essex/England would be part of the 3D visual design team. At least he made his university degree with a 3D studio Max graphic software and created this nice scenario.

Alan is very well aware that not all details are correct and I have to admit that I eliminated myself the corral and pony in the front grille, but he is on his best way to be hired for a possible remake in cyberspace. Thanks Alan for this fine artwork.

How about a Bullitt sequel?
Read more about a project by a mystery writer and 68 Mustang Bullitt owner.
Click here
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