The Restomod Tribute Mustang 
from Mustangs Plus
A tribute to the Mustang used in Bullitt for those that are still guessing around :)

Michael Gullery 

is a long-time contributor to We appreciate his sharing of pics and info on his recent VMF group visit at the Bramletts Inn, better known as the Restomod Shop or Mustang Plus for classic Mustang enthusiasts.

Michael loves Movie scenarios, so staging  his own car in front of a classic movie theatre was quite natural.

Hello Bullitt enthusiasts,
Michael here in California . I thought you might be interested in the tour some of us Northern California VMFers (Vintage Mustang Forum) took of a Mustang Parts supplier here in California ( Stockton , California ). The owner, Ron Bramlett took us on a tour of his business. 
He is also in the modification and restoration business and as such he has built a tribute Bullitt.

At the Concord , California National Mustang Show (Mustang Club of America) in 2007, Dynacorn brought with them a new í67 fastback shell. As Ron tells it, they didnít want to haul the shell all the way back home so they dropped it off at Mustangs Plus and thatís when it was decided to build a Bullitt.

The Bramletts have a long-time history in serving Mustang enthusiasts and I enjoyed myself together with Gary Hanson, the T-5 guru in the 90ies an extensive tour through his backyards and then workshop, that has evovled into a fully operational Restomod shop these days. 
Going back in time - a dream of many a Bullitt enthusiast - for Ron and his brother the time came, when Dynacorn did not want to haul back one of its bodies after an exhibition and the Bramletts jumped on the opportunity and brought the body home into the Restomod shop to start an new project - The Restomod Tribute Mustang.

Many  a partner of the Restomod Shop helped out to complete the project, which is not as easy as one could believe. Completing a Dynacorn body with the right ingredients can easily reach the 50-70.000 Dollar mark and takes quite some time, if you have to start from scratch.

An early Mustang mirror was installed on the drivers side of the car. 
It looks a bit strange. That is why not many Bullitt replica owners do it the same way.
The FE Engine features some aftermarket products as well.

Ron told the VMF group that only 10% of the car is really Ford original parts. 
As the name implies, the Restomod shop has a focus on aftermarket parts while maintaining the Mustang soul for the winners.

BULLITT moves 

BULLITT related car owners are still proud to display there car whenever they have an opportunity.
Maybe the Restomod Shop will deliver even this display together with the car, if one puts enough money on the counter for their car.

As you can spot here, there are most of the engaged project partners mentioned. 


The Restomod Tribute Mustang features a green painted rear with the blacked out gas cap, the JBA exhaust ends with chromed tips under a non-GT lower rear panel.
In the movie in fact the lower GT valance panel was welded up, as one can easily spot on a Blue-Ray player.
The interior shows that the Restomod shop chooses some aftermarket components here incl. the obvious instrument panel and the steering wheel, not the original Shelby GT500 wheel with stitched leather.

The interior was clad out with TMI products, readily available through the shop.

American Racing provided the rims. 
Although they are of the lighter gray shade not as in the movie, they are a must on a real Tribute Mustang to the movie BULLITT.
Customers can certainly choose some personalized treatment, if they wish to. Including the dings and dents, but Ron may hand the hammer to the customer, because it will really hurt to make it a correct movie replica.
Some more details and better description might be added in the next days.   

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