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Rollie Stephenson
1968 BULLITT Replica

Why actually opt for the 2008 Bullitt, if you can have the original one personally made by some Enthusiasts.
Rollie Stephenson and his mates found they can design and build the real BULLITT ride with some modern components installed and have the genuine stimulation tool right at their toes. They choose the 450HP Roush engine as the correct "peacemaker" for their mind. 

Being a lifetime gearhead, a Bullitt Mustang is something I always wanted to do. After driving an original 390 and 289, I knew I had to reduce weight and increase power. So I got it down to a 2970 pound and had Roush give me 450 HP. This one is not for sale but really a sweet street machine and idles like an old Gasser. So cool. We would be happy to build a few more if someone has an interest."

We are sure somebody will have, so if you want your dream machine ready for todays street life, give 'em a chance.

Check out and look into the Featured cars for the Bullitt 68 replica car of Rollie. Michael Thienel has built the site and provided the great shots. 
Location Appleton/WI.


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