The Bullitt Page

European Bullitt Mustang Replica and Look-alike Collection

© Wolfgang Kohrn, David Kunz, Anthony Bologna

EUROPE 23 registered as of May 2015
  David Redhead/UK  Sergio Costa/IT  Christoph Meyer/FR  Bassam Abdallah/FR  Belgium  
Robert London/UK   Ireland   Tim London/UK   Italy   Sweden  Finland II
Sweden Vincent L./FR  
Finland   Norway   France   Laurent G./FR  
B. Decoene/Belgium  Ian Budd's airbrushed/UK  Shaun's 67/UK  Gary's 67/Scotland  Graint Lang 67 Czech Republic  

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If you know of another look-alike or BULLIT like other model year Mustang, you want to see here, send a picture and a short description

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