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Ian Budd
1968 BULLITT Replica

2 pictures from Allan Moore taken during a UK Mustang meeting

Picture courtesy Ian Budd
Englishmen are well known for what?
Betting, tea time, Thick cut marmelade, Horseraces and english roses? Well, there is another thing that immediately comes to mind, when we hear Englishmen have got a new toy. Their occasionally so-called crazyness and sense of humour.

This car is far away from being weird, let's rather say, it is an expression of absolute BULLITT dedication and maniasm. In fact it is one of the more well-known custom cars being around for a long time.

Ian Budd is the proud owner of this unique BULLITT clone. "I've owned this car since 22 years now (2003). I have airbrushed artwork from the film on both sides and the hoodtop. The engine is also tuned."

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