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Vincent L.
1968 428 Bullitt Replica
Vincent does not really care, wether it's a true R-code or not! He just enjoys the fun driving it. Obviously it can't be acc. to the early VIN and the power drum equipment on the car, but wether there is a 390 or 428 now in it, remains Vincent's secret. A nice mystery to preserve that would be in Steve's sense.

Vincent tells us:
This car is from Gary L. B., who was the original owner in USA, Olympia/WA. I have been in touch with him and got pics of my car from 2002. I think, the original color was Ivy Gold, but I'm not sure. The car came to Antwerpen in Belgium in 2002, and the new owner didn't drive the Mustang and soldl it to Now, my "dream" has power steering, but is not a GT, because it has no power disc brakes, no floor console, no AC, but it has a deluxe interior and remote mirrors ! And I like it like that!

The VIN 8R02R12__ as I had noted it is not correct for San Jose and probably not  for any early R-code but it's not important for me and I am not sure the engine is a 428 or 390. But as I said, I don't even want to know, it's just fun to drive. The transmission is a C6 automatic.

Close enough to the fenders to be a 390, yet a later installed 428? Power drums won't stop a real R-code, the even faint with any big block, but why do you want to stop?

A BULLITT  San Jose R-code clone in France

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