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Kari Blank
1967 BULLITT Look-alike

Kari Blank owns this 67 BULLITT Mustang look-alike and enjoys racing with it like here at the finnish FoMoCo Day 2003. A 390 big block is nestled under the hood and enjoys fresh FINN AIR through the scoop, a very needful thing for a hot 390 engine, especially on the race track.

Although having an automatic transmission, this GTA sounded and is driven almost like the real thing. 
As automatics offer much higher torque readings during launch, the benefit of an automatic is indeed to get a better position on the starting grid.

Downshifting before the curves is just a matter of getting used to handshifting a C6. The additional heat of an auto trans is another problem that needs attention and probably another oil cooler. 

Racing in Finland

Congratulations to Kari for the beautiful paint and appearance. He drove almost over my feet, while heading to the Ahvenista moottorirata (racetrack) and the sound is still in my ears.

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