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"This is almost the real Bullitt movie car"

..says Adelbert from the Mustang Garage Belgium and he knows a bit about the Bullitt cars.
Albert collects lots of stuff about the Big Screen eroes. In 2014 he and the Belgium Mustang and Cougar Club gathered a number of representative Mustangs for the Interclassics in Maastricht and showed them in a special corral.

"This 1968 Mustang is a real original S-code 390 GT in Dark Highland green. It took the owner three years to get it to this condition as you see it here. For me this is the Bullitt Mustang. There is little to nothing to improve."

Well, of course we don't see any dents nor the camera mounts, but this is always a personal thing, how you want to have your Bullitt replica.

We hope, we get some more details on this car from the BMCC club member  here soon. Enjoy meanwhile the pictures, wich I took at the exhibition in January 2014.



Alberts displayed Bullitt memorabilia. Some looked familiar from a TMCN 40th Anniversary exhibition collection.

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