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Gary H.'s 
1967 BULLITT Look-alike

Scotsman Gary chose the '67 as it was the original classic shape and brought back memories. "I had my first Mustang in 1972. It was an Acapulco blue 2+2 '67 Fastback. It was a diecast and I was 8 years old. 
The Bullitt movie locked me in for good. My car has an uprated 289 putting out 320 hp. 600cfm holley, Crane highlift cam, Edelbrock headers, a big 4 core radiator keeps the dude cool. I preferred chromed rockers and air filter. It is not a true replica, but Steve's car was dechromed to stop camera and light reflection. I'm just being controversial of course, but probably correct."

Never fight with a Scotsman. They typically have more insight in essential things due to better Whiskey resources.

Another one from the UK

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