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1967 GT Look-alike
The UK seems to have some more Bullitt enthusiasts per square feet as the rest of the world. And London has some nice hotspots to cruise to like the Ace cafe or the M1 at its perimeter for a show'n Shine or Race Friday evening.

Tim U. owns this fabulous Bullitt clone, a ’67 GT only  imported from California in 2009 , with a new 302ci V8 and 5 speed manual. 
With a UK registration ‘JJZ’ plate it’s been fully debadged & dechromed with the Bullitt movie car’s matching interior, dash, wheels, pipes, exterior, front disks etc.

Update 2009!

We received some new pictures of TimU’s London Bullitt, which has now had the final modifications done putting it in that illusive category of ‘exact replicas’ to McQueens movie cars. 

More pictures available on 
Final specs now also includes
- blacked rear light panel with Shelby flip gas cap
- charcoal with grey tint Torque Thrusts
- rear bumper guards 
- and the colour matched ’66 round mirror/s.


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