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Wolfgang Kohrn 1993-2020

BULLITT parking -  the irish way
Declan O'Dwyer lives in the beautiful landscape of County Tipperary in Ireland. He just recently finished his Bullitt Tribute Mustang project and has been an avid fan and longtime contributor of our site.

He took the freedom to add side scoops to his interpretation of the Bullitt Mustang, an idea which many may have thought about, but did not dare to realize until Declan stepped up to prooveirish character. "I know it's not a BULLITT replica because of the Shelby intakes but in every other way I tried".

For a few first pics the local Transport museum nearby let him in the Ford section to park his car near other icons of their local history.

Declan also owns this supersize Ford Pony emblem, most probably from a dealer showroom or used at an exhibition. It is made from solid brass, weighs under 10lbs and wasn't polished for a long time. Whoever knows where it was used is invited to contact us. 

Update: 2020
Declan meanwhile did a lot of upgrades on his Bullitt replica and succeeded to be covered in the irish Retroclassics Magazine. Check out the magazine under

Below find related article pics of  his outstanding car.

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