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Bernard Decoene's
1967 Bullitt look-alike

Not really a soft Belgium praliné!
This is a BULLITT clone, which is really Bad to the Bone. I found it a decade or more ago at the Belgium Int. Mustang Meeting in Anvers and it really kicked a lot of interest.
The owner -meanwhile identified himself as Bernard Decone - simply walked away like Steve would have done back then. Although a 67 it was in a similar race-ready status as if Steve would drive it today. 

Bernard sent this updated picture in April 2011. Looks even better now:)

Lowered and with 215/60HR15 up front and 235/60HR15 in the rear on Torque-Thrust D, there was only little room left for any bumping over hills. The tires looked a little bit tired of all the contact with the fender lips. A Hurst shifter grip for the manual brake was a nice gimmick on this car. The sound left no question as to what really was under the hood - enough power. 
Bernard tells us it is a 302 with 520 Horsepower massaged out of it. 

It also features Porsche disc brakes all around, a 4-speed and of course non-power-steering for a more direct road-feel.

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