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Kari Möro
1968 Bullitt 390 cui Replica
Kari Möro from Finland has finished this BULLITT replica with a 390 cui engine after a long restoration process that we followed here in Europe for more than 2 years. 
The result is better than perfect, a shiny Bullitt with a few extra performance touches.

When I bought this Mustang 2005 I had a very clear vision what it should be when it is ready and here it is now. There are too many little details to mention, but I have planned this car since 1981. 

This 1968 Mustang was originally a C - code car with C4 - transmission, but Kari put a 390 cid FE engine coupled with a 4 - speed top loader trans in the framework. The rear axle is a Currie 9" with 3.70:1 ratio and traction lock.

Suspension is dropped 1" and subframe connectors added for extra stability. The wheels are obviously Vintage Wheel Works v45 17X7".
For extra airbreathing capability Kari put on a  PG Demon 750 cfm double pumper carb and let the fumes exit through an 2,5" exhaust system that  includes FPA ceramic coated tri-y headers
and Flowmaster Deltaflow 40 - series mufflers

The original body color is unknown because this is a special paint car without a color code on the tag, but now it is the true and only Highland Green (R-code color from 1968)

A shiny sample of a long-term vision becoming finally reality

"The original interior color is still black, front seats are ´87 Corvette seat with black custom upholstery specially made to match original rear seat upholstery. For the steering wheel I used Motolita and they made it as custom work for my car.

Special thank´s to Mikko Huttunen for pro class body work" 
Thanks Kari

Check out his own gallery for all the details.

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