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Bill Beller from Clayton/CA 
Bill likes cruising around town in his Bullitt clone, but prefers to push the pedal down once and then with his latest toy.

"This is an original 1968 Deluxe Highland Green 302 4V 4 speed, built in San Jose, CA and exported to Canada. I purchased it in 2000 from my boss, whom had brought it back to the San Francisco Bay area.

Just to mention a few of the the upgrades, it is a 450 HP  392 CI small block, Tremec 5 speed, Currie 9 inch w/3.55 gears. The exterior was repainted to 2008 Bullitt Highland by Cooks Collision of California. This car gets a lot of thumps-up everywhere it goes. It's been a big hit a Hot August Nights in Reno and won peoples choice at the local car show."

Asked about his massaged engine combo and the effect of pushing the pedal, Mr. Bill tells us: "It's a Ford crate motor, Sportsman block and SVO heads with all the trick stuff. It has an RPM Airgap intake manifold with Barry Grant Street Demon carburetor, Hooker Headers, Mallory High-Fire Ignition, Hurst shifter, Modern Driveline cable clutch, Bill Meir Sub-frame connectors & Roll-Bar, Koni shocks and a Haneline Instrument cluster and not to forget an Optima Battery."
Well done, Bill. 

Hot August Nights in Reno

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