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1968 BULLITT Replica

Dennys had a dream!  

"Hi, this is my Highland green 68 Mustang "BULLITT". It was powered by the 390/4V and has a 4-speed tranny and a 4.11 Detroit locker rearend.
The car is completely original except for the wheels and tires. It has today a 289 HIPO, factory 4-speed, factory posi, and original highland green. I have all of the factory invoices and history of care including oil change receipts.

The car was in a family for 32 years since new, was sold to a relative who held it for 1 year, and I purchased it in August 2001, making me the third owner in 34 years. The car sat in the family barn for 15 years prior to being sold to the second owner, consequently the condition is phenomenal.

Word has it there is a black Charger in the neighbourhood. And a dealer nearby my house was planning on a commercial using my car. We'll see.
Denny aka Lt. Bullitt

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