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Wade Jardine
1968 Bullitt Replica

Another BULLITT from the COOL ZONE

Wade Jardine from Ketchikan owned this dark highland green /DHG) early 68. Although not a plain dull BULLITT replica in the McQueen sense, the chrome pieces don't distract from its personal value for COOL fan Wade and the cars new owners in St. Barbara. 
" The car was believed to be an original GT J code car. I rebuilt most every thing and indeed it was difficult. The engine was a 302 high nickel race block with ported 302 heads and matched intake, Edelbrock carb, and lots of billett aluminum. The trans is a C4 with shift kit hooked up to a 9 inch rear end. It has the HiPo exhaust manifols hooked up to 2 1/2 inch dual exhaust. I loved the movie and bought the DVD when it became available. I am amazed at the new interest in the Bullitt mustang that has taken place. It was great to see the clone in Sheryl Crows video or the 1967 in Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruise.I am excited to see Fords new version of their retro fastback" says Wade and I guess he means it in DHG.

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