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Chad McQueen
Gateway Classic Mustangs McQueen Tribute
This car was built as a unique tribute car in 2008 for Chad McQueen.
It is more or less a modern interpretation of the 1968 Bullitt movie car with a number of convenience and performance option to compliment Chads briefing for the car as a driver.

An article on this car was published in the Mustang Monthly magazine January 2008.
The Tribute car appeared on several occasions like the SEMA 2008, the 45th Anniversary 2009 in Birmingham.
In May 2010 we heard about the plans to produce it in small series and published this in our Bullitt News. A movie was also made with Ben Maccabee and his 67 replica (no idea why, but anyway). 
A second car was rumoured to be around since late 2010 according to our sources.

As of March 15th. 2011 it has been confirmed by a press news of GCM that indeed about 30 Steve McQueen tribute cars are planned (depending on incoming orders.) A licence agreement has been agreed with the  McQueen trust.

Matt Stone provided pictures out of his McQueen Machine book for the recreation of this Bullitt Tribute car.
Update: Mustang Monthly has the article online now: Click here

Manufactured based on a Dynacorn 67 body shell and featuring a Boss 347 engine.

Press pics of the 2011 announced Steve McQueen Tribute car from GCM

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