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Barry and Mary Ellis Bullitt replica from Missisippi, where dreams become true.

" I’ve long been a “Bullitt” fan.

Twelve years ago my wife and I bought a ’67 Fastback. Nothing special, a “C” code 289 car in need of a lot of work.

Working off and on as money and time permitted, we have finally reached the goal of a drivable “Bullitt”.

The car required floor pans, rear quarter panel surgery, and quite a lot of other body work. We had help with the paint and body work, but did almost all of the rest of the build ourselves, including wiring the whole car, interior work, engine rebuild, brakes, rear end, etc.

Ours is a very long way from being accurate and correct down to minute details.

We are in it for the fun and appreciate all the effort others have put into their cars, because we know what it takes.

Also, I appreciate all the time that has clearly gone into collecting all the info that makes up this site. It must have taken years."

Barry and Mary Ellis

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