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Robert N. Carpentier
1968 BULLITT Replica

Based in Florida

Robert N. Carpentier from Florida has seen the movie way to often, finally he decided he'd rather hang his own arm outside from a black vynil 68 bucket seat.

"I am the current owner of a '68 GT fastback Bullitt look-alike. 
The car was manufactured in Metuchen New-Jersey and is originally a Pennsylvania car. The car is currently with me in central Florida and has been painted dark green metallic (1990 Mustang LX color, not Highland green), has 14X6 Torque Thrust wheels, blacked out grill, black deluxe interior and C6 auto trans. The special thing to me is that this car was originally a X code 390 2V engine (available only in '68). Now it currently runs a 390 with a aluminum police interceptor 4 bbl. intake, Edelbrock carb and exhaust headers.

I own a copy of the movie and when restoring the car, I often played the chase scenes to try to get all the details I could. I added a turn signal hood and a after market steering wheel. It is a lot of fun to drive and be seen in, I usually attract a few on-lookers every time I stop for gas (quite often with a big-block). Attached are a few pictures (they were taken with a digital camera). It would be great if you could squeeze them in your awesome collection of Bullitts. Great web site.
Robert N. Carpentier
P.S. The car is NOT for sale, I'm still having too much fun with it.

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