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CANADA Owner: Debra Roy
Terry Roy tells us about his wife Debra`s 1968 GT

My wife bought this car.  She always wanted a 68 Mustang Fastback since she was in High School.  She and a friend snuck into a Drive-in in Stoney Creek and saw the movie Bullitt.  She was hooked.


We looked over the years to find a nice car.  One day I was looking in Old Auto’s, a paper that gets delivered twice a month and saw an ad for a 1968 Mustang with a V8, auto air, tilt swing away, upper and lower console, sport deck rear seat, factory tinted glass etc. and it was a California car and totally rust free. 


I told my wife about it and she said to give them a call.  When the guy answered, I asked him what colour the car was.  He said green!  I asked him what wheels where on it and he said Torque Thrusts!  I jumped up and said we will be right there to look at it.  It was a 4 hour drive from our home. I asked the guy if he could stay there and told him we were on our way.  When we got there the car was very dirty and didn’t run very well but it was a Fastback and rust free.  My wife told the owner (a nice guy) that the car would need a paint job which would cost at least $10,000.  Understandably, the owner got a little excited and said he was not going to take any $10,000 off the price but she smoothed it over and we got a great deal.  We have been smiling ever since.

The car had a complete restoration after it was shipped from California.  The previous owner did body, paint, interior, motor, trans and he also installed a 9’ posi.  And then the car sat around for about 26 years.  When we got the car home, we changed all kinds of parts on it - the fuel tank, fuel sender, fuel pump, carb, battery master cylinder, etc.  We did some paint work, had the car buffed new BFG tires 215 70 x 15 and 225 70 x 15 for the rear,, a new steering wheel a bunch of odds and ends and now it looks good and drives like new having only 4000 miles on it since it was restored those 26 years before we bought it.  We also sent away for the Marti Report which showed the car was built in late February in San Jose California. The white stripe is going once we paint the car.  We drive the car whenever we can to Cruise nights.

Thanks Debra & Terry

More Technical Details:

Engine 289 with 351 heads roller rockers, alum. intake, nice cam.

Automatic, upper and lower consoles, tilt swing away wheel, 9” posi, factory air (in the future we will put it back on. When he did the motor, they never put it back, but saved all of the parts.)

All tinted glass, P/S, P/B, AM/FM stereo. fold down rear seat, light package, all of the GT stuff inc. front stabilizer bar, fogs, disc brakes etc., 14x6 Torque Thrust ll with 215 and 225 BFG tires.

The under side of the car is as new the car never had a patch welded it.

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