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Steve Newgard
1968 BULLITT Replica


Steve Newgard is an active VMFer (Vintage Mustang Forum). Actually he did not advertise his car for this collection, but I had to invite and "urge" him to show up here. A real Steve-like behaviour. Well, I am not too serious here. 

Steve told us back then: "I have owned the car for fourteen years now and came about it in an unusual way. The original owner bought a 68 Shelby and had it painted by a friend of mine. He gave the GT to my friend as payment for the body and paint work on the Shelby 15 years ago. After about a year I finally convinced him to sell it to me. The car is all original and is a 68 S-code GT390. There are 49000 miles on the car. Four speed toploader with manual steering and power front disc brakes. Highland green with black deluxe interior with overhead console. I have the original GT wheels and center caps but am currently running 235R/60 15 goodrich T/A's on 15x7 TTD's.

When the movie "BULLITT" came out I was 15 years old and have never tired of watching the chase scene. I once met the man (Bud Ekins) who laid the motorcycle down during the chase."

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