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1967 BULLITT Look-alike

Al said about his car:
"Well, it was in real poor shape, when I bought it about 8 years ago..from a guy who lived in Reno, Nevada, and I have been restoring it since then...actually more in recent it sat for many years, after I had restored the suspension, brakes, springs, sway bar, body work, (original paint was candy apple red), painted over the red was yellow..which I stripped off, and it had a stock plain hood.

I replaced it with the one you see in the photo, and replaced the transmission twice. It was originally a 1967 with a 289, a three speed manual transmission, drum brakes. Manufactured in Los Angeles at the San Jose plant - btw same plant that McQueen's car came from. I did all of my own work - except painting and blocking and sanding it and some of the final touches to the body work. My friend Dean painted it.

I changed the brakes to disc, using the shelby pivot points on the upper control arm assembly, and modifying a borg warner t-5 (5-speed trans out of a 1984 5.0 mustang) to fit the original bell housing. It has Richmond 3.55 gears, a Carter competition series carb, with a Holley street dominator 4 barrel aluminum manifold and a Mallory unilite vacuum advance dist, American Racing Torque Thrust D's. Tires are 235/60 15's in the rear and 225 60 15's in front. The rest is stock. I'm not so interested in making my car perfectly original, except for it's exterior appearance, which i tried to make it look like McQueen's car."

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