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Mike Robert 
1968 BULLITT Replica

"The car is typically held in storage and was shown at the Performance World Car Show in Toronto March 11th - 13th, 2011. It was featured among the newer Bullitt Mustangs 2001 and 2008.

My Bullitt Mustang was built in San Jose January 1968 ( a couple of weeks later) than the WB cars. VIN : 8R02S13480X it is 4 spd 390 4v with AM radio.

I was able to procure an original 1967 GT 500 FIV Secura steering wheel ( made in Italy) and had it leather wrapped.

The car lived its life in Montana and was 'rust free'. It was completely stripped down and restored. Instruments redone and re calibrated. AM radio rebuilt. Engine, radiator, carb all redone.

The pictures above and the first one on right were taken in Alabama shortly after the rebuild was completed in 2010. The camera was not on its 'auto' setting and therefore they are not the best.

The car was in a shop to be completely detailed for the Performance Show in Toronto, March 2011.

We received the following update on 28th. February 2013:
The 68 Bullitt Mustang went through a major suspension upgrade using same components as Chad McQueens tribute car.
The engine was completely rebuilt by Sean Hyland Motorsports and produces power in the high 400Hp range and over 500 ft lbs of torque. It won "Best in Show' last summer among 300 other Mustangs vying for the award last summer.

Hoping to take it to 45th reunion in San Fran this year.

Shown here at the Performance World Car Show in March 2011 in Toronto

And published in a National Post article in 2011

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