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© David Kunz, Wolfgang Kohrn 1992-2010


David Kunz
1968 BULLITT Replica

David Kunz
based in L.A/California is a well-known guru of all BULLITT enthusiasts. His interest in the movie and the Mustang lead him one day to start a project of a BULLITT Mustang replica. He found a rather unmolested 68 GT 390 in 1992 and invested a lot of time and money to make it look like the real thing. 
While working on the project, he found out more and more about the facts and fallacys of the movie. 
Thanks to David and contacting him early enough I was allowed to publish his investigations on my website. The following article (follow the link) has been published in the November 97 issue of Mustang & Fords magazine as well.

 Report: Dave Kunz about the making of Bullitt

Davids car was used so often for promotion events, magazine features,  movie and video clips, that it is tough to list them all.

- Ford exhibition participations
- Ford launch of the 2001 Mustang Bullitt
- Petersen museum (2006, 2008, 2009)
- Malibu concours
- Rodeo Drive concours
- McQueen friends shows
- Bullitt Nationals 2006
- Bud Ekins memorial
- Warner Bros. McQueen tribute events
- Los Angeles Police Academy show
- Ford at Knotts Berry Farm (2002, 2003, 2005)
- Ford Detroit Cars and Guitars 2009

- Motortrend Classic
- Thoroughbred and Classic Car Magazine
- VSD Magazine 
- Esquire Magazine
- Mustang Monthly
- Mustang and Fords 2003
- Playboy Classics 2008
- 2010 Mustang calender
- Ford Media press kit 2001 Bullitt Mustang
- Ford website Movie Mustangs

Mustang books
- Dave Newhardt (40th. Anniversary)
- Randy Lleffingwell
- Matt Stone's
McQueen Machines

Video and Movie Productions
Ford Puma commercial (1999)
- Torque (2003)
- Fast Lane (2003)
- Sheryl Crow Video (2004)
- Sky One Movie car Feature (2005)
- Hot Rod TV (2008)
- Race to Witch Mountain (2009)

Scale Models produced with Davids Input
- Auto Art
- Pioneer Slot car

Hagerty insurance promo items (banners, bags etc)

Davids car pictured on Hagerty insurance banner and in the latest 2010 Mustang calender.



2009 Display at the Ford
Dearborn Cars and Guitars special show (Picture Jenny McDowell) 

 The Editor of this website incidentally bought his 68 Fastback almost at the same time. Of course I knew the McQueen movie and was interested in reading something about it online. Since only one route description was on the web back then, I invited David to start up this website. I was just there at the right time to make an early contact, when I read about Dave in a mag in the mid 90ies.  We've been in touch ever since, although unfortunately we never met. Hopefully one day in the near future that is going to change.

The one that started it all and is still kicking

David posing with his car for a Sky one /UK) movie car production. 

Davids car with Scott Ullrichs Charger in the streets of SFO, staged for a Motortrend photoshooting. Unfortunately these pics of both cars together never made it into the magazine.

Davids car staged for a photoshooting for the german mag STREET MAGAZINE

1968 GT 302 
Paint: Highland Green


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