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Alan Clark

LeCara wheel in Alan's car 

Nova Scotia based Alan Clark got it (almost) ready in August 2004 and finished it (almost) in 2008
After 2 1/2 plus 4 years of hard work Alan felt, it was time to upgrade his BULLTT look-alike project.
It is a 1968 J code 302, this Bullitt Mustang has power steering, power front brakes, selectaire, rear folddown seat, automatic  trans with a shift kit, 8" rear.
The Highland green is what it got in 1968 back then - originally. I am a big fan of Steve's 1968 Bullitt, however I was taken by this body style back in the days, when I could  - and should - have purchased 2 1968 Fastbacks for under $ 1000.00CDN. 
I have now new Torq Thrust D's along with new rubber and as well now have a LECARRA Mark4 GT leather wrapped steering wheel, 3 spoke.It may not quite be the same as Steve's car in 1968, however, it is very nice to drive and it looks awesome.I also put a new cam in the J- Code 302 with a higher lift and duration and a Magnaflow Stainless Exhaust system and X pipe that now gives it a well tuned throaty rumble. Along with a Weiand intake and upgraded 3:50 rear gears, this car really turns heads.It is a blast to drive this car.

I love your website, it has a great supply of Bullitts" Alan Clark/Novia Scotia

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