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Rick Blaha
1968 BULLITT Replica

Rick's replica is very close to the real thing from the outside

"The "BULLITT" is a 289 Automatic and is currently undergoing conversion to front disc brakes and handling upgrades including front and rear sway bars, gas shocks, etc. The car gets incredible attention wherever I go - lots and lots of compliments.

I saw the original Bullitt movie when it was released and have always loved the car. This summer, I watched the movie on late night TV. Once I saw the chase scene, I thought to myself - "that's the car I want!" The next day, I found this Mustang for sale on e- bay and started to place bids. A few days later I was traveling to Indiana to pick the car up. 

The car had undergone a recent restoration but the owner needed the money to buy a home. The car had the original chrome GT rims still on it. The first thing I added were new torque thrust rims, removed the trim and pony form the grill and added the front license plate. I have put 3,000 miles on the car and it runs beautifully. During this winter I am going to be adding some handling upgrades such as disc brakes, sway bars and gas shocks. The car is great fun. Gets an unbelievable amount of attention wherever I go.
Rick Blaha

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