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Alex Bush
1968 Bullitt Replica

Alex likes it hot!

"Hi, this is my Highland green 68 Mustang "BULLITT". It's powered by the 390/4V and has a 4-speed tranny and a 4.11 Detroit locker rearend.

The car was given to me by my uncle when I was 12 yrs. old. My father and I spent 3 years restoring the car from the ground up. The car has about 8,900 miles on it since the restoration was completed in 1992.

Bullitt was an inspiration from start to finish. The car has won several first and second place trophies at the local mustang shows, and receives a lot of compliments.
Recently, the car was in a fire and has damage under the hood and into the interior. I plan to re-restore the car this winter, but this is the way I like to remember it.

Alex Bush

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