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Douglas Johnson reports about
Jeff Dunns 
1968 Bullitt replica

"The car was started about 4 years ago. Jeff Dunn owns the car and we call us the Mustang Guys over here.

We recently took it to a car show at the De Anza College in Coupertino/California, where we placed 2nd.. We wanted to build the Bullitt Mustang Steve would have wanted today. Instead of the 390 we used a 302 (5.0) out of a 91 for the sole reason - if we wanted to go to LA and back we could without problems and also with the AC on. 

Jeff wanted a 68 Mustang since he saw them new in the showroom, when he was in the US Airforce. He finally aquired this car, which was started as a Shelby replica project. He didn't want just a typical 68. He wanted something more eye popping. Well he loved the movie Bullitt, since it came out and so he decided to do his version of a replica. 

You will notice different details from both the jump car and the chase scene car. One has a roll bar (the jump car), while it doesn't have the blacked out tail lamp panel, which some people believe was black, but the reason why we say, it is green is becaus satin finishes do not reflect anything. We have also spoken to a mechanic from S&C ford in SF that had fixed the smashed oil pan during the jump scene and he confirmed that it was not black. In the movie you can see reflections of the yellow lines on the road. 

We have a real GT500 steering wheel on it, an over head console, deluxe interior, no side mirror. We use instead a clip-on hot rod style mirror that clips onto the wing window. The car also has a rear mounted simulated broken mast antenna (which is electric), it is a 5 speed instead of a 4speed, the wheels on the car are 02 bullitt, and so are the exhaust tips, it has no reverse lights  like the movie car, all parts that were painted green.
Douglas Johnson/Mustang Guys

We are very sorry to learn that Jeff Dunn passed away on January, 13th 2011 due to a heart attack. 

We feel sorry to have lost a Bullitt friend in our family.

The Mustang Guys

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