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Jim Bateman
1968 BULLITT Replica
Jim tells us: "I feel that I have captured the movie car to every detail I see possible. These are some of the items I took care off during the restoration.  
  1. Early 1968 Mustang GT Highland Green
  2. 390 V8 4 BBL
  3. Long tube headers
  4. 4 spd Top Loader
  5. 9 traction lock
  6. Dual exhaust 2 1/2 inch glass pack mufflers, extended past rear valance
  7. Deluxe black interior
  8. Secura 3 spoke 67 Shelby GT 500 steering wheel with leather wrap
  9. 1965 mirror mounted lower on drivers door painted green
  10. Lower rocker moldings and side molding painted green
  11. All GT badges and fog lights removed
  12. Rear quarter mount (broken) antenna
  13. Blacked out rear panel with no lettering
  14. Blacked out bezels and gas cap base
  15. Center of GT gas cap black no badges
  16. Rear GT valance with exhaust holes welded shut
  17. Removed backup lights and filled in holes
  18. Front and Rear bumper guards
  19. Recessed side marker lights
  20. 15 Torque Thruster wheels painted to match oxidized wheels
  21. 15 Firestone tires with higher profile to match 60s look
  22. Suspension upgrades (frame rail supports, export brace, gas shocks)
  23. Upgraded to power steering
  24. Upgraded to power disc brakes

"The next item that I will finish is the camera mounts under the car " Jim

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