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December 30th, 2009
Staged first time  in 1974 and still kicking 

Looking at the early history and restoration process of the ex-Claude Saffer 1965 Mustang A/S racer during Steve Francis ownership

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December 28th, 2009
The 2011 Boss 302R

Since it carries the Parnelli Jones livery, we feature it here for a limited time.
A factory limited number built race car featuring the new 5.0 engine with 4-valve-technics and a 6-speed transmission.

It will run in Grand Am, SCCA and NASA classes.

"The price of all this new Mustang hotness? $79,000. Only fifty 302Rs will be sold through Ford dealers, with the first deliveries expected to take place in the third quarter of 2010."


December 19th, 2009
Pettey/Hallquist logbook updated

We try to follow up the history logbooks more frequently, but of course are dependent on the owners as well for race appearence and
modifications done.
Ken Adams updated us with reent shots and we filled in a few gaps in the history with already archived material from Dale Mathers from 2002.

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December 7th, 2009
The mystery 1967 Notchback

We dive into the history of this car which is owned today by Jim Lange, who is well known at the race circuits. 
His research of the history of his fathers 67 notchback has lead to some interesting facts, but there is still something to find with your help.

So far the car is considered as being an A/S racecar, but we hope to dig a bit deeper to proove the complete track record and chain of ownership.

Read more here

November,18th. 2009
Text and pics thanks to Frank Dobias.
Trans-Am race results from 1966 thru 1972 can be found at

The Petersen Tribute to Transam Event

Frank Dobias reports about this event

The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles paid a tribute to the golden years, 1966 thru 1972, of the Trans-American road racing series on November 12, 2009 at the Museum.

Since the inception of the Trans-Am series in 1966, thru 1972 the rules established by the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) primarily required cars and parts to be production items available, over the counter, to the public. It was a "Win on Sunday - Sell on Monday" bandwagon the major car manufacturers, American and foreign jumped on.

Due to the gas shortage during the early 1970s, the public interest in the gas hungry Muscle Car ended and the consumers now looked to the economy car, putting an end to the Muscle Car era. The factories pulled out of the Trans-Am and with them, many of the top name drivers. The SCCA, to save the Trans-Am series, made major rule changes including those which permitted other cars into the series. The new rules now allowed major changes to the original Trans-Am car to make them more competitive with these new cars entering the series. Although this saved the series, it forever ended the The Golden Years of Trans-Am Racing.

A 2:00 p.m. Panel Discussion began the days events. Moderated by Dave McClelland, the subject concentrated on "Cheating in the Trans-Am", with team members, owners, engineers, suppliers as well as the drivers themselves.

Honorary Guest panellists included;

TONY ADAMOWICZ - Driver, Porsche, 1968 U2L Trans-Am Champion
PETER BROCK - BRE Datsun 510
TONY DELORENZO - Driver, Owens-Corning Mustang
FRANK DOBIAS - Co-owner, Ray Cuomo Racing 1966 Shelby Notchback
GEORGE FOLLMER - Driver, 1971 O2L Trans-Am Champion
RON FOURNIER - Metal Fabricator, Penske
GIB HUFSTADER - GM Powertrain engineer
PARNELLI JONES - Driver, 1970 O2L Trans-Am Champion
RONNIE KAPLAN - Fabricator 1968-69 Javelin
JOHN MARTIN - Ron Kaplan Crew Chief for Follmer & Revson 1968
JOHN MORTON - Driver, 2.5 BRE Datsun, U2L Champion
JAN NELSON - Co-owner/Driver, Ray Cuomo Racing 1966 Shelby Notchback
BILL PRESTON - Sunoco Representative
JERRY SCHWARTZ - Crew Chief, Shelby & Roy Woods
TOM YEAGER - Driver, 1966 Mustang

An impressive site as you enter the main display area. Three Penske Sunoco Camaros. Currently owned by Tom McIntyre, Ken Epsman and Don Lee respectively

The Gary Matthews 1970 Boss 302 currently owned and vintage raced by Michael Martin.

Current owners of these two famous Boss 302s are Brian Ferrin (1970 #15) and Vic Edelbrock (1969 #16).

Phil Gallant is the current owner of this Team Shelby Mustang with door number 2

A very popular topic was that of George Follmers 125 pound helmet. Other questions included acid dipping, bolts with offset heads, body panel alterations, fuel cell and dump can capacities, fueling rigs, fuel temperature, suspension  alterations and more. Many of these areas were the topic of the Bob Kovacik article found in the September 1968 issue of Sports Car Graphic magazines "How to Cheat in the Trans-Am".
Was all this really cheating or just innovative and imaginative interpretation of the rules?

After the panel discussion, an invitation was extended to the Historic Trans-Am Group by representatives from three major vintage racing sanctioning bodies wishing to add a Trans-Am class to their events. A indication of the popularity of The Golden Years of Trans-Am Racing.

Other cars on display were the:

1963 JIM TAYLOR FORD FALCON - Mike Eisenberg, Owner
1967 DICK GULDSTRAND DANA CAMARO -  Owner, 2009 Trans-Am Champion, Tomy Drissi
1969 MO CARTER CAMARO - Joe Frietas, Owner
1970 JIM HALL CHAPARRAL CAMARO - Jimmy Castle, Owner

"Thanks to the Petersen Museum, Tom McIntyre and the Historic Trans-Am group for the Tribute."

Frank Dobias

October,15th. 2009
1967 Notchback racer built in Peru, sent to Holman Moody, acid dipped and built to 71 T/A specs

Read here
October,15th. 2009
The Herman Schlenker/Gary Young/Karl Bergmann/../Bob Aliberto/Greg Meindl T/A Mustang 

History narrated and new vintage pictures transferred by current owner Greg Meindl.

Click here

Thanks Greg

October,7th. 2009
Pictures of the Coronado Island Event 2009

External link from


October,1st. 2009

New  Notchback and Fastback racer slot cars coming soon from Pioneer
Pioneer is coming to the rescue of many a 67 and later 68 Notchback racecar enthusiast in offering a blank slot car for individual dressing in either preferred T/A livery or A/Sedan, whatever is your choice.
We'll keep you updated on the first suggestions from Jules Birley. 

Other Ford race cars like the doornumber #27 Morse Fastback will follow.

Sept.20th. 2009
New Lime Rock 1972 pics added from Steve Francis 

Paul Pettey

Ed Hinchcliff

1968 T/A section updated and expanded with Phil Jacobs archived photos.


Sept.15th. 2009 
Alderman/Blakenship 65 Mustang racer on display - first time since it was pulled from the barn

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Sept.7th. 2009 - 2010?

More 67/68 T/A information will be on in the following weeks  
Allow us a few errors in the beginning for a year or so. This seems to be a real challenge to sort the cars apart and dig through all my files, e-mails and other stuff to sort out, which car was driven by whom at which race in which paint livery etc. Ford was very concerned in these seasons about fresh paint for each race and some cars were heavily crashed and rebuilt, which does not make it very easy. The mess with the back up cars and maybe even sticker changes are another challenge to work from pics and narrations alone. Anyone wishing to cooperated with some decent background is invited to contribute.  

Dick Thompson in the 1967 #3 (door number 11) car at the Continental Devide Raceways Picture Ron Shaw

I've received advise to work with the SAAC, but we want to piece this together independently without violating any copyrights of related parties or taking from decades long research. Alas I tried :)
But I understand and know best, what copying and pasting from available resources means and about the confidential parts and I try to stay away from that. We are engaged to get permission for anything that comes up here, still we might get information taken from other sources without notification, so if you find something that might be done without permission, just ask or let us know. We'll try to clarify that.

Phil Jacobs 68 #5 added


Frank Gardner passed away on
29th. August 2009

Those wishing to reread a few of his memories, check out our 2003 interview with him done by David Bowden

We are sorry to hear that Frank Gardner passed away after a long illness.

July 5th,2009
Mentioned further down this page, the Bowdens really did it and brought their Moffat Coca-Cola Racer over to the UK for the
Goodwood Festival of Speed 2009 
Obviously they had a lot of fun in driving the famous racer over there.

Thanks to Tony Turner from Odsey/UK and Luc Ghys for permission of using their event pictures. 

The Bowdens from Down Under brought the famous Coca Cola racer over to the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2009. Picture Tony Turner from Odsey/UK
June 25th,2009
The Mid-America Meeting saw some nice race cars on the track.
See Bill Cooks excellent photogallery of the event and you don't need much more information. 

The T/A-Vintage tent is worth to visit on pages 11-14 and watch out for the Mustang Quarterhorse replica with the 427 SOHC engine, the "Orange Blossom" and a Warren Tope car on the other pages.

Good job, Bill. (Click left)

June 14th 2009
New Collectibles Automobile Magazine August 2009 with a T/A review 

June 10th 2009
New pics  from the Alderman 65 Notchback on its way and at the 12 hours of Sebring 1967 race days 

Now finally updated! 
May 19th 2009
Brian Ferrin recommends this in the T/A part of the section:
Dr. John A. Crafts new book
Bud Moore Man and Machine

Bud Moore is legendary in racing circles as a crew chief and car owner that helped create wins for some of NASCAR's greatest drivers. But there's a whole lot more to the story. Bud Moore: Man and Machine reveals the hidden story behind the legend.

Available here

Review: 2-1971 at the Fabulous Fords/Knotts Berry Farm

April 24th 2009
A tribute to the Parnelli Jones era

Les Werling took the challenge to create a PJ tribute combo rather than a single car.

He showed it off at the 18th. April Coffee and cars meeting and my friend Rich Truesdell took a few "snapshots" for his thrilling website and for us.

Says Les Werling: "In 1970, Ford Motor Company--under the name of Muscle Motor Sports--published two books on how to make your Boss 302 Trans Am race-ready. My Boss 302 has been constructed following the guidelines outlined in those publications, including the engine and all suspension. The engine features a 1969 steel crank, J & E Pistons, Carrillo Rods, original Bud Moore Mini Plenum 750 cfm Holly carb modified by Pro Mod, Crowler roller rockers, and a 4-speed Top Loader transmission with a 4.33:1 rear-end." Basically built in a little bit more than a one-year period, this car morphed from a well-used drag car to a near-perfect authentic tribute to Parnelli Jones' Trans-Am Championship winning stallion. Although the Boss 302 is street legal--it is registered in California--Les noted that it's a bit of a bear to drive given its almost perfect recreation of a Trans Am race car. The only major deviation from a 1970's era car are the brakes, which are upgraded to a Wildwood 4-piston, 4-wheel system. 
As far as the transporter is concerned, Les mentioned that Ford built essentially the same cab-over-engine truck from 1957 to 1990, a mid-duty truck that used a variety of gasoline and diesel engines. In the case of Les' truck, it's powered by a Cat 3208 V8 diesel, displacing 636-cubic-inch, a powerplant that is very popular not only in trucks but boats as well. This particular truck started life as a fire truck/tanker/hauler. Les consulted with Bud Moore as to the kind of transporters used by the team back in the Trans-Am era. Bud noted that two transporters were built by Holman-Moody in North Carolina for themselves (Holman-Moody) as well as Bud Moore Engineering." 
(Courtesy Truesdell)
April 24th 2009
Gary Jones raced David Ritters BIW 1-1971 to a 1st place in class in a SVRA race prior to the 12 hour Sebring race
April 22nd 2009
Shelby Team Car #1 at the Barber Motorsports Park (45th. Mustang Anniversary)
Great photosession with J. Clicks Shelby Team Car #1 and a vid coming soon of it. 

Just came back from the show and the car was a blast out there on the track. 
Videos of it from the staging and in the pits firing up coming up soon.

1. Firing up 
2. Staging
3. On the track
April 3rd 2009
G. Alderman/B. Blakenship 1965 Mustang #24 with T/A history added
Info from Steve Francis
with pics from Rick Mandelson, George Alderman and Buss Marcus

Click here
February26th 2009
Allan Moffat's Coca Cola Boss will appear at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2009
That's what Dan Bowden told us recently and it is more than likely to happen, since they've been often over there.
A rare opportunity for european Trans Am enthusiasts to see the car in real action.

July 3rd -5th 2009
Goodwood Festival of Speed

February 5th 2009
David Ritter placed the best bid for BIW #11971 at the Gooding Auction in January. Good news about that is, the car will be raced this season.
"I recently purchased the Bud Moore no. 11971 Peter Gregg car at the Gooding Auction.   The car will be on display at the 12 Hours of Sebring in March and will compete in the SVRA one-hour enduro and sprint races help prior to the 12 Hour race.
I intend to race several SVRA events during 2009 - Gary Jones Motorsports of Hepzibah, GA will prepare and maintain the car.  I am delighted with the acquisition and look forward to the upcoming race season".
Kindest regards 
David Ritter


January, 25 2009
1968 A/S Notchback racer  will be added to the 67/68 section soon.
Built by FoMoCo engineer Jim Harrell who competed in Mid Western SCCA events during 1967-68. In 1970 Harrell sold the car to fellow Ford engineer Bob Barr who raced the Mustang into the 1970s. 

Photos of the notchback
during it's vintage racing era can be seen on pages 41, 42 and 43 in Dr.John Crafts "Mustang Race Cars" book.


Picture taken at SAAC-15 by Steve Francis
9th.January 2009
Steve Francis opened his old file of the 
John Hall/Dave Dunbar (or Fogg Motors) 1968 notchback racer

Click here
2nd.January 2009
Finally the first pic of the 
Bud Moore Body in White #4 

after almost 40 years. Exclusive here on thanks to the new owners Steve and Kinga Johns and relaying from Steve Francis/Ed Ludtke.

The car was bought from Curtis Jackson recently, who had contacted us already in late 2006 to confirm the cars existence.
Look here for an update of the history logbook 


#25 coming out of its storage from the Bowdens resto shop Down under, it found a new home for some time in the Race car fabrication shop of Dale Mathers from Coastline Automotive in Tauranga/New Zealand.

Dale will prepare it for a customer to be raced again like in the good ol' times. The car was raced by Dawson in its glory history. 

More pictures here, the history will be completed from my archived NZ mags information soon.

28th. October
Patricia Barrios from Peru passed by and we are putting together the story of the 
1967 Shelby Notchback #26

which raced once in the Inka Trail with door number 1.
The car was in bad shape as of 2001, but as you can see here, it has been restored and found a new home in the Barros garage.

The Barrios are a true Ford Enthusiast family.
Click here

26th. October
Ken Mann revisited us after 3 years :) and we hope to get first-hand information on the 1966 Shelby Group 2 #3.
Yep, we hope and hope.

Fortunately Frank Dobias jumped in and sent us some info, so it won't take long.

9th. October
Introducing you to Patrick Simons 68 T/A replica #3. 
A decent car with some recent race history and where Walt and Chip Hane had their hands on, so it's worth to take a second look.

A bit more
25th. July
Hot summer sales

Seems I missed some action in the past days:

Boss car found on

1967 Shelby Group 2 #24 on sale

1968 T/A Car on sale by Paradise Wheels/Craig Conley


1966 A/S Mustang notchback on sale with mexican history

Dark blue/aqua metallic / competition orange front valance
Raced 1966 – 1973 in Mexico ( various classes from Mexican Sedan class to Sedan Libre )
Period correct specification
289 full race engine ( 430 hp on dyno)
3” diameter Stainless Steel exhaust pipes, exit per T/A spec
Alloy Radiator
Centerforce clutch
Top Loader close ratio gearbox with Hurst shift mechanism incorporating factory Mustang shift lever
Koni Single Adjustable Shocks ( F&R )
Correct early disc brake system with dual T/A master cylinder and Shelby 10X2.5 drums, w/original rear cooling ducts
Front suspension lowered per T/A spec + modified upper and lower A Arms/Control arms to remove ball joint bind - no aftermarket pieces are used, proper suspension parts throughout.
Heavy Duty spindles fit in period, in great condition – all suspension parts magnafluxed
289 Hi-Po 9” rear axle housing with heavy duty axle shafts, over-rider traction bars & panhard rod
Period exterior paint, very good condition. Cockpit Interior and monoque in excellent condition
Several spares available.
Additional details can be provided .
Contact this website by e-mail (see menu)

Still on sale as of early 2010 - 57.000 Dollar June/3rd July updated (Off-topic, but may change)
Talking to Lee Holman from Holman & Moody
Researching his IMSA GT Mustang, Steve managed to get Lee Holmans ear. See him here signing a pic personally for Steve.
In the background you can see one of Lee Holmans new Continuation GT40 MKII, one of 14 chassis that remain in his holy halls. For about 700.000 dollar, you still can buy a period correct car.

See Steves report of the VIR GOLD CUP HISTORIC 2008

More in an exclusive Lee Holman Interview

Ton Roks from the dutch Autovisie magazine recently had the opportunity to stroll around these halls and saw some of the treasures that Ford left behind on HMs shelves after they quit racing and pulled the plug on HM in 1972. 

A few quotes from that article (pending on permission from Ton)
"We had to call the police to get our cars stopped ...being on their way to the track". "Henry Ford send an accountant here to check our books for irregularities and only found 400 dollar out of a budget of millions (thing like 100 dollar charged for screws/bolts, while we had received them by error free of charge). My father guided the "centcounter" out and struck a deal with Henry, that the left-over parts belonged to us from then on. The accountant happened to become later a CEO of Ford, Harold Poling. That's why we were left out later and they started working with Roush and others.." 

"I have still everything from those days about any Ford race car, such as every race set-up for the GT40, be it from Graham Hill or Mark Donohue".

Lee Holman treasurer of probably more Ford original documents about race cars than they have themselves in their archive.
His latest project is a 1964 427 Fairlane Thunderbolt recreation. One being already driven in Germany around the old Nuerburgring under FIA homologation  A-H 0408, currently owned by Fred and Barney, the second being shown at the VIR last weekend.

More soon about the Thunderbolts and Lees memories of the truth back then in 1965.

Restored by Gary Doyle 
and owned today by the Bowden family down under

THE 1967 Shelby Group 2 T/A car #16
Click here

Steve Ross 
drove this one in 1970/71 T/A races.

Tom and Patty Forgione own it today and we updated this entry in Sept. 2013 finally with more information. Check out this site.

Sam Colman reports about Amelia Island

Guess where I was over the weekend.. I went to the Saturday seminar, all and I mean All of the guys were there..

Bud Moore, Horst Kwech, George Follmer, John Morton, Pete Brock, Burt Evertery, Dan Guerney plus several others

Plus more:
First Picture gallery courtesy Daniel Lipetz

John Gimble in the blue car

plus Frank Dobias report 

3 Original Shelby Notchbacks with Jan Nelson (#72), Gary Underwood (#33) and Steve Sorenson (#86)

The missing period -1967/68
We used to have a little gap on this site, that is the 67/68 racing aera.
Well, over the years one has stumbled over a few of these and we starting off with a blank sheet (site) to fill in this gap over the next years to come. Yes, years, since time is very valuable, but any effort is worth to follow and this way, Ponysite has grown over the past 16 years. I assume I got minimum 15 years left, so if you are questioning yourself, what you want to do in those years to keep your Mustang (racing) interest up, here is the answer:
Make this section one of your favourites if you have a deep interest in 67/68 notchback race cars and follow us along the way.

This is the link to add to your list of sites to follow.

We will also feature a few replicas, as they are getting more popular on the road and on circuits these days. This is Ken Garcias version of his personal ride.

We will have outstanding pics from our enthusiast network like this 67 Shelby hardtop raced in Peru. Picture courtesy Benito Lores. And more coming from the Vicich family.

So stay tuned for exciting typical Ponysite news .... step by step on a more or less weekly, sometimes monthly time goes by.

On special request:
The Dennis Leech Mustang Group 2 

Check out here its first initial history record. 

Updated 23rd March 2008 and again Jan. 2009 March 2008
Amelia Island  Show coming soon

The horsepower-hungry Trans-Am series of the late sixties will be the subject of Saturday’s seminar, and we’ll have some of the series’ top drivers recounting their experiences in a panel discussion with Q&A afterwards. In addition to Parnelli Jones, the 1970 series champion, we’re looking forward to welcoming Dan Gurney, George Follmer, Sam Posey, and John Morton, the series’ under 2.5 liter champion, to the Ritz-Carlton. We are expecting another standing-room-only crowd for Saturday. 

A special show will feature Parnelli Jones cars and many 66-70 Trans-Am Cars.

The celebrations continue with the car that put America on the road to freedom – Henry Ford’s venerable Model T. It will be marking a century of motoring in 2008. We will have a class of special Model Ts on the “Field of Dreams” to recognize this historic automobile and its contribution to America’s emergence as an industrial power in the early 1900s. 


The 2008 Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance will be held March 7-9 on the 10th and 18th fairways of The Golf Club of Amelia Island at Summer Beach adjacent to The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island. Parnelli Jones is the honoree and the cars of the E.R. Thomas Motor Car Co. will be featured. The show’s Foundation has donated over $1.5 million to Community Hospice of Northeast Florida, Inc. since 1996.

The Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance is one of the nation's most innovative vintage auto events featuring over 250 rare classics from seldom-seen private collections nationwide. The show is held annually during the second weekend of March at The Golf Club of Amelia Island at Summer Beach adjacent to The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island. For more information, visit 

Update 21st. January 2008 from Brian Ferrin:

More good news....three days after Amelia, 31 Historic Trans Am cars will be roaring around Sebring as part of the legendary 12-hour endurance race. Most of these old T/A racecars haven't seen Sebring in about 40 years, so it will be quite a treat for the drivers and spectators alike. As a bonus, we will do some exhibition laps just prior to the start of the 12-hour event. March 12-15.

Short News

Shelby Race Ford CS500 Transporter Truck on sale at

Browsing for a nice wall pic or shots of #14?
Look for other nice Mustang pics by changing the search on that site

Interesting pictures on Dominic StJean's website 

1967 @ St-Jovite:

1968 @ St-Jovite:

1969 @ St-Jovite:

1970 @ St-Jovite:

Lime Rock Rolex Festival II
Review from Frank Dobias

Plus more on what might be interesting for you to follow up

We were accepted to the Rolex Vintage Festival at Lime Rock again this year. 
The electric fuel pump stopped (a bad connection at the fuse block) after only 1 lap in the first practice session. The afternoon practice session was going pretty well, Jan had gotten down to a 1:07.9 which was his fastest time ever at Lime Rock. However there was a price to pay. 

Hard and late braking into the first turn (the Big Bend) was locking up the inside (right) front tire and on the last lap it blew exiting the turn and the car slid into the armco. Fortunately the damage was just sheet metal and no chassis or suspension damage. The right front fender needs to be replaced along with the bumper, valence, stone guard, headlight bucket etc. The rear fender may be able to be saved. Somehow the door came thru literally unscathed. The number light on the door must have fit in between the upper and lower sections of the armco. Jan took it pretty easy the rest of the weekend running in the 1:08s and 1:10s.
    It was not a good day for Mustangs. Bob Aliberto got 2 wheels off in his GT350 along the back (No Name) straight and sustained considerable damage to the front of the car. In an effort to avoid Alibertro, Ken Kenworthy sustained front valence damage to his GT350.
There was a film crew doing a documentary on Vintage Auto Racing around the world. I believe they were in England, Monterey a few weeks ago and were now here at Lime Rock. Their next event I think is in Belgium in a couple of weeks. The documentary is supposed to air somewhere on the 700 numbered cable channels on Tuesday evenings at 8:00 running from October thru December here in the states. Each nights show will be dedicated to a particular vintage event.
    One car in three of the 8 groups was selected to have cameras in their cars. They had selected Bob Albiertos' car as their camera car in our group (7). Since Bob could not finish the weekend they chose us to be the camera car for our group. They even interviewed Jan and myself during the weekend. They said they would send us a DVD of the show when it is completed. 
    Ken Epsman and Tom McIntyre from the Historic TransAm group were at Lime Rock. Tom told us the TransAm group has been invited to the Amelia Island Concours in March of 2008 where they will have a special TransAm Exhibit. They have also been invited to the HSR race at Sebring the week before Amelia Island and also the SVRA event held in conjunction with the Sebring 12 Hour the week after Amelia Island. Tom is taking a poll of the Historic TransAm members as to which event they would rather attend, HSR the week before or SVRA the week after Amelia Island. 

Whichever event the Historic TransAm group decides to attend is the event we will go to.
    Although probably not an issue for the Historic TransAm group, an interesting aspect of the HSR event is their Enduro, it runs into the night! What an opportunity to drive that historic track both in daylight and darkness. Jan would run the Historic TransAm race and I would get a chance to co-drive with him in the Enduro. Would like to get some shots of the car with its number lights on the track. 
Frank Dobias and Jan Nelson


Lime Rock Rolex Festival 2007 I

Frank Dobias: We're back from the Rolex Vintage Festival at Lime Rock Park, and couldn't have asked for a better weekend.

There were five of us Mustang drivers in race group 7. Other cars in our group were B/P and A/P Corvette's, Jaguar E-types,  911 Porsches, one Porsche 914/6 and a couple Lotus's. 

The two Jag's were clicking off incredible lap times under 1 minute so the gap from them to our group of 1.04 minute lap times was fairly siginificant. So the two Jag's were well up front and then it was a cluster of three Vette's and my nothchback. 

We swapped spots a few times but the larger engine and 4-wheel disc brake Chevy's were too much for my little 289, still we gave them a good run and I think we did FoMoCo proud by hanging with them the entire race.
The group driver pic shows four of us Mustang drivers. 

More photos from the race weekend can be seen on Steves friend Gary Lenhart's website here....
Steve Francis with neighboring paddock mate Jan Nelson (ex-Ray Cuomo Shelby Grp 2 car). Frank Dobias was there too and all had a great time!

Original Bud Moore Engineering Stickers are very rare and almost impossible to reproduced with their texture and reflective red outline design. Seems Bud had a good nose for copyright back then already.

Brian Ferrin was so nice to send us one for taking a picture for this site, so you can rather forget about trying to match the quality of this one.

Carroll and his mates Dr. Dick Thompson, Tom Yeager, and Chris Economaki (ABC Sports) greet the readers of 

at the VIR GOLD CUP Int. Raceway via Steve Francis. 

You could say that australian Speedway racer Mike Clyne took the former Frank Gardner Trans Am racing Boss 302 to new glory - that is the positive side of seeing this pic. It was most probably taken in 1971. Well, let's say it followed a different career and made its throaty voice heard at another circle track.

Reportedly it was later crashed again, remainders have yet to be  pieced together again.

- Review the story up to now

Picture courtesy Australian Muscle Car Magazine #30/2007

of your T/A Mustang


And let's hope they do the 1969 Moffat T/A Mustang next for 2009.
Write in and let your voice heard.

Go check it out - the Falcon GTHO Moffat Racer comes out in late 2007.

I wonder why this is not done in Texas or are they planning 1:4 or 1:2 or 2:1?

While on the other side of the world for holidays, I spied the new PJ Edition Toyota concept car.  My wife though didn't really understand, why I was so excited to see this car just in front of us.

Since Saleen and PJ won't have a chance again to do a  2008 PJ Edition Mustang for a brand formerly called Saleen - which will be soon under the Roush banner, as the saying is -  this picture should be a warning for some.

Don't let Parnelli Jones go elsewhere! 

Poor Mr. Jones in Kiwiland, he might not even have an idea, who the real P.Jones was and stil  is.

Those looking for a new lifesstyle change in their life, check out this side. Auckland offers seaside resorts, a bunch of nice people on about 40.000 boats in one harbour and in the near future its own Motorsports park. 
What else do you need? 
Just bring your own Muscle Car.

Lifestyle homes in Kiwiland become very popular. Just now Jim Covert brought his huge collection to New Zealand to open a new museum probably in the Queenstown area. So don't be suprised, if you meet a few more genuine racers in the NEW MOTOR ZEALAND.  

Dale Mathers
Dale parks his business car(d) typically  inside, but during my visit, he let us hear his business sound as well, taking the car out for a spin on the parking lot.
We enjoyed seeing all his other project cars including a fresh 68 Fastback racer for a customer. 
Thanks Dale.

Once and then it takes a bit patience, but in the end it's always a pleasure to look into a photobox of a genuine race driver.

This time
Richard Wall let us sneak into his photo archive and he's got a very nice selection of his old Boss 302 #86 and #58 from the heighdays of racing 

Click here

Rich is looking for his old racer, which is said to have been brought to Australia. If sb. knows where it is, pls. contact us.

Mark your calendar for 2007 for these dates, where the Trans-Am group meets. George Follmer and Parnelli Jones will drive their old horses on the track at Portland (GF) and Kent (PJ)

- June 2-3..Wine Country,Sonoma, CA
- June 29th-July 1..Kent, WA
- July 8...Portland, OR
- Oct 6...Coronado, San Diego, CA

SAAC-32 (6th-8th. July) sees a bunch of them,too

Garrett Feiner ( send us some nice shots of  T/As in action, here at SAAC-31. 

If you want to ride this one, check out "THE BOSS IS BACK" on Fords Racing Parts site and take a seat.

CDs of T/A events from last year piling up on my desk, expect some photo galleries soon. Frank Dobias and many maniacs keep us up to date. Wish I had more time to follow everything up instantly, but I do have another job.:)

Motor Trend, published by Primedia, has a nice article on the 
original BM Boss 302 and new Saleen Parnelli Jones Boss 302 
in its March 2007 issue. 

Make sure, you're in time at the newsstand. Or check out for their superior wallpaper selection of Harry Lippetz #212777 and the PJ Edition Saleen car.

Photo John Kiewicz, Motortrend. Harry Lippetz #212777 in the background.

Most Boss 302 owners know this name and face very well. 

Exclusive Interview with Donald Farr 
Donald is working on his new BOSS 302 book and shares some thoughts about the history and future of one of the better ideas of Ford. 

Click here

Reunited like it used to be ....first time after 36 years.

George Follmer takes a seat again
"George came into town last week to visit and to do a TV program about Trans Am. We spent a day at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, CA taking photos, giving interviews, and driving on the track.
George climbed into his ex-Bud Moore Boss 302 for the first time since he last raced it in 1971. He said it still fit him well, and he seemed to be enjoying the day. "
Report: Brian Ferrin

More pictures on Brians own site

The TV report will be on Speedchannel in the American Muscle Review series. The air date is not yet fixed. Will keep you updated, if we are notified.

I promised last year in May that the full interview with Walt Hane will be on this site. 

So be it. Check it out now 

Picture courtesy Car Craft Dec. issue that presents John McIntyres race car garage and collection.

The 850cfm Autolite Inlines and the Cross-Boss intake manifold items are and have been always an object of desire.

Mark Hovander is going to publish a great new website on these items soon. Watch out for

John McIntyre - riding a T/A 68 Penske Camaro - got one Autolite Inline in his collection. He might be open for some talk about it.

For those that like to read about Parnelli Jones and get some more insight about his career Sports Car International has in its January 2007 issue a nice article. Check out The article written by William Edgar after having met him obviously at Goodwood plus the 780cui Weineck Cobra article make it worth to order. Nicely researched and published magazine. Got it last week.

And for those that like 66 Notchbacks raced in A/S (by Gene Felton and others), we've got a new car here thanks to last owner Anders Nannerup.
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Much more from the T/A News archive 


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