Paul Pettey's '69 Mustang T/A racer
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Picture courtesy Steve Francis
Paul Pettey with his Mustang at Mont-Tremblant /Canada 1971 Picture courtesy Yves St-Jean
Picture courtesy Steve Francis
Picture courtesy Steve Francis
Picture courtesy Steve Francis
Picture courtesy Steve Francis

Picture courtesy Steve Francis
Picture courtesy Steve Francis
Picture courtesy Steve Francis
Picture courtesy Steve Francis
Picture courtesy Steve Francis
Picture courtesy Steve Francis
Picture courtesy Steve Francis
Picture courtesy Steve Francis
Above pictures show the car before restoration

Below the interior as of 2002 (owner then Jere Clark)

An eye witness reports how this historic Mustang was born:

"I thought i would pass a little information along upon discovering these pics and the brief story. 

 Paul Petty bought the Mustang at the former Warwick Ford in Warwick, RI and brought it to my buddy, Paul Rainville, son of Charlie Rainville, who is an icon from the period in SCCA, IMSA and TRANSAM racing circles.  

Paul Petty brought the car to Paul R and basically said something like "make me a race car for Sebring". I think this was late '69/early '70. It was delivered to Paul R mother's house in Coventry, RI. There was a modest 2 car garage attached to the house. 

 Paul R was 17 or 18 years old at the time but had the creativity and skill for this kind of work of someone much older. He grew up around his father when he built and drove race cars.. The car was stripped, modified and reborn mostly in that simple garage. This is where I gained the most understanding of my Pal when I saw his talent come out and transition this project to reality.  

I was a by-stander becoming an apprentice. The upper control arms were raised I think 1-5/8", exhaust tunneled through the floor all ending up with about 3.5" of ground clearance. I recall waiting for a new set of valves to arrive but never got there on time. We spent about 36 hours working straight through the night to modify and polish a stock set of Boss valves to make them like Paul wanted them. The equipment was a drill press, a valve grinder, a bench grinder with a buffing wheel and a bar of polishing compound. This is just  a couple highlights of the effort. dedication, integrety and the skills of a man who still has great respect from me. 

Today (2021), Paul R struggles with some health issues but still has the critical thinking skills and that twinkle in his eye that I see as a reflection of his father. The pics brought back great memories, and answering the question of where the car is today.

 Charlie Whitford (July 2021)

Editor note:
For a number of years another Mustang appears for sale, claimed as a back-up car to this #45 door lettered T/A racer.
Actually that used to be Paul Petteys hot street car. It has no T/A race history. Painted originally in grabber blue it was stored in the early 90ies at Bob Tullius race shop acc. to Steve,  later sold and at some time in 2005 painted in Bud Moore livery with a door number 6.
Again on sale as of 2020 by BJ for about 83.000 Dollar.

The History of Paul Pettey's and Roy Hallquist's 69 Mustang T/A

Driver Paul Petty racing the car at Lime Rock 1972 (Picture Steve Francis)

A report from Steve Francis
"When I inspected the car it had a running Boss 302 engine, period correct 4-wheel disc brakes, over rider type bars, magnesium ARE Torque Thrust D wheels (looked like 15"x 9" or 9.5"), fuel filler in both quarter panels (for Daytona and Sebring endurance race events), the Bud Moore Cougar roll cage and fabricated Monte Carlo bar, green line SW gauges, twin R-model type racing seats and the brass tag (#72AS15) riveted on the passenger side main hoop.. A scruffy dusty race car but all there. It was clear that the cage had been in another car prior and had been re-installed in this Mustang.

This was owned and raced by a Connecticut resident Paul Pettey (different spelling and no relation to Richard). His fellow CT friend Roy Hallquist helped with the driving duties at circuits such as the Sebring 12 hours in 1970 where they finished 27th in the number 18 Mustang.

At the end of the 1967 Trans Am season Paul Pettey purchased one of the Bud Moore Cougars with plans to race it in the 1968 NASCAR Grand National series. Unfortunately the car was wrecked at Sebring early in the year 1968. Misc. parts such as the roll cage, drivers seat and gauges were removed from the Cougar and installed in a new 1969 Mustang fastback (not a boss 302) and as I recall it was an H-code car originally. The car was maroon and later painted white.

Currently the car has been restored with a new roll cage fabricated and installed.

The old Cougar roll cage from the Paul Pettey 1969 Mustang was purchased by Dave Tom.

Steve Francis
Main Street Motorsport LLC
Historic Racing Services

A former neighbour - Jim F. - contacted us in 2017 and shared some memories about the #45.

"Paul Petty was my next door neighbor on Fern Ave in Litchfield CT growing up as a kid. I remember his 302 vividly. He used to test drive it up the street and it sounded like the loudest thunder you could imagine. Paul always wanted Colt 45 Beer Company to sponsor him, but never panned out."

Picture courtesy Steve Francis
Pettey/Hallquist racer after restoration, picture courtesy Phil Murphy 

Pictured below in 2002 by Dale Mathers/NZ, then owned by Mike Davis

The car was driven by Boris Said in 2003 and owned then by Mike Davis.

Below pictures show it at a Willows Spring race at that time

Picture courtesy Jim Harris/2003

Picture courtesy Jim Harris/2003

During Jere Clarks ownership at Laguna Seca 2006
Jere Clark was the next owner from August 2005 through July 2009.

As of August 2009 Ken Adams is the new owner, who sent us these pics.

Picture Ken Adams

Picture Ken Adams

Still owned by Ken Adams as of 2017 and shown at the Monterey Festival on a regular base since 2010

Picture courtesy Phil Dauphinee, 2010

Monterey 2014 at the Edelbrock trailer

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