Richard Wall '69 Boss 302
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Picture courtesy Gus Tarrab
Picture courtesy Gus Tarrab













































The History of  Richard Wall and Bill Follmers 69 T/A Boss 302.

Richard Wall at Ontario Motor Speedway around 1975, picture courtesy Gus Tarrab

Fortunately in Sept. 2005 Richard and his son passed by this site and dropped us a line for a report on his car:

"I got the car in '70 with 10,000 miles on it....I was the road race goof ball in high school, everybody else was a dragger guy.
I saw a Trans am race and decided that is what I wanted to do...So the machine shop and welding shop in College got me some skills.  I used the Boss 302 Ford book as a guide and built a race car out of it.
I did SCCA cal club racing and in my first year I was regional champion.... winning the championship at the last race with a come from behind win passing 28 cars. I also was the Cal Club driver of the year in 1974.
I re-rebuilt it several times getting more out of it. It ended up as the "trickest" Boss 302 ever I am sure. Fiberglass front and rear fenders, hood etc.helped reduce weight. I got it down to 2600 lbs.

I sold the car to Brian Rice from England. I think he took it to Australia having seen it in a magazine. I sure would buy it if I could get it back !!!!
I later raced in the Trans-Am series . I had a company called Stock Car Chassis. We built a dozen or so cars for myself and customers. I actually qualified on the front row for the Ceasars Palace Trans-Am race in '86


P.S.   Nothing looks more cool than a lowered Boss 302 whith Minilites on it !"

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