Steve Ross '70 Boss 302 T/A racer
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The Boss 302 on Sonny Barrons truck race car hauler in its early days

1970 at the St.Jovite race

The Boss 302 in 2006 driven by Tom Forgione
The History of Steve Ross 70 Boss 302 T/A

Original owners and constructors Jim Bell and Sonny Barron.
Both worked for Judge Motors, a Rochester, New York Ford Dealer.

Judges sponsored Jim and Sonny’s stock car racing program. When the Trans Am was hot, they decided to give it a try with the Ford dealer as sponsor.
Barron was a short track champion and was to be the driver, but was unable to get licensed in time for the first race in St. Jovite, so they had Steve Ross, a regular in the T/A series run the car.

Shortly after the first race they lost their sponsorship deal. Barron moved on with his short track racing winning over 100 features.

Jim Bell continued on with Ross as driver of the Boss competing in T/A Races at Mid Ohio, St Jovite and Watkins Glen in 1971. In 1972 or so the car was sold to Steve Dispenzia a SCCA Club Racer.

Dispenzia won the NY State road racing championship for A sedans in 1973 or 74 with the car.
Shortly after that he stored the car away in its original Trans Am configuration.

In 1998 Tom Forgione became the owner and restorer of this car competing in Historic Trans am races, including this years  50th anniversary events at Sebring, Limerock and Watkins Glen.



Documented Trans Am History




1970 St Jovite as Car# 78


1971 Mid-Ohio as Car# 70


1971 St. Jovite as Car# 78


1971 Watkins Glen as Car# 71





CAR #28 1970 BOSS 302 MUSTANG


TOM FORGIONE (driver / owner)



The car as of 2008, the first larger picture shows it as of 2006 at the Watkins Glen.

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