Bud Moore  "body in white" #4 built for Trans Am Racing
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This photo shows how Kar Kraft boxed the rear inner fender aprons



















































The History of the Bud Moore Engineering #4 (known as Body in white #41971)

A first picture of the Body in White after almost 40 years thanks to Steve and Kinga Johns (received Jan. 2009) Minilite T/A wheels will be fitted during restoration.

The last Kar Kraft-Bud Moore Mustang, body-in-white # 41971 has changed hands in 2008 rom Curtis Jackson to Steve & Kinga Johns which included about 2/3rds of original T/A parts needed to finish the car.

Ownership as registered by The Road Racing Registry/Ed Ludtke:
1. Kar Kraft, MI.

2. Bud Moore, SC.


Roger Hurst from KY. (purchased in Rochester, NY Jan/Feb of 1972, made no changes to the car. Sold 1975-76)

Paul Petty, CT. (1975-76 to 1988)

David Castellano, CT. (1988 to 1991)

David Castellano and Marty Handshy, CT. (partners for 6 months in 1990)

David Castellano, CT. (1991)

Curtis Jackson, GA. (April 27, 1991 to December 2008)

Steve and Kinga Johns
This is what Steve wrote us on  Octobre,2nd. 2011:

"The excitement in finding and obtaining the last Bud Moore, Kar Kraft, Boss 302 Trans Am Mustang has turned out to be a chapter and not the book. 
There is only one "last" Bud Moore, Trans Am Boss 302 and it is brand new, NOS, never completed, raced or finished. Immediately the question came to mind, how to finish what Kar Kraft and Mr. Moore had started 40 years ago? 

Of the eleven Bud Moore Mustangs, it appears that two had never been finished by Bud Moore or raced in Trans Am back in the day with only mine left unfinished. The significant historical nature of this last car facilitated my contacting Bud and Greg Moore and soliciting their opinion as to what to do with it, without hesitation, they said "finish it". 

I asked if they would guide the project, the response ? -- yes! 
It was decided that the car would be completed as they would have done it back in 1971 had they pressed it into service. Now, weeks away from completion, what you see is what Bud, Greg and Daryl Moore have wanted this last car to look and perform like. 
Chapter 1 - obtaining the car (3 years). 
Chapter 2 - Finishing the car (18 months). 

Chapter 3 -2012

The car close to completion In Februar 2012

Finally completed the car was up at an auction by R/M Auctions on the 15th/16th of January 2015 in Arizona.
Check out this link for further information.

The bids went up from 100.000 to 140.000, but the reserve was not met. Auction closed. Afterwards bidders were put in contact with the owner and the car went for 200.000 Dollar plus comissions to its current new owner.
More soon.

Picture courtesy R/M
The car was bought by Bob Smalley, he and his brother Randy have a nice car collection. They raced several cars until 2012 under the RSR banner.
Work has started on the car and we hope to update you soon. The car is planned to be entered in vintage races in the summer of 2015.
January 2019, BME #4 went on sale at the Gooding auction at Scottsdale.

Steve Francis was on site and reported about it.

The car just went up to 80.000 dollar. Since the auction was a no reserve auction, the car was sold for 89.100 incl. fees to a happy new owner.

The sellers were of course not too happy. What a lesson learned about auctions...it can go all well..or it can go all bad.

We feel sorry for the seller.


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