1967 Shelby Mustang  Group 2 Notchback  #26
© Patricia Barros, Benito Lores, Steve Francis, Wolfgang Kohrn -
 November 7th, 2008, last updated October  2011


The History of the 1967 Shelby American Mustang car #26: 
Hello, I am Patricia Barrios from Peru, 
my father transferred me his passion for Ford's, especially Shelby's. I've been surrounded by cars all my life! 

One of the 67's Shelby Hardtops Benito Lores mentioned on your website is now in my posession. It's # 26, the white one driven by Arnaldo Alvarado on the Inka Trail in 67.
Arnaldo won that race actually in 1967.

The car had been for a long time in posession of Mr. Jorge Nicolini in his collection in Peru. Jorge and my father have been friends for decades, and in fact most of our Shelby's we bought from him!
I was the driving force behind buying the 67 GT350 and a Holman-Moody Race Falcon.

I'm enclosing pictures of it before and  how it is today after an extensive restoration process, that we have undertaken.


#26 before its restoration

#26 before its restoration
Pictures Patricia Barrios

Two 67 Shelby hardtops were entered in the Inka Trail that year, mine is the one that shows with the # 1 in the pictures from Benito Lores.
Alvarado - after receiving the car - repainted it all white and only had the sponsor's name and logos.

Shelby Group 2 Notchback as of Nov. 2008 after its thorough restoration.


Nowadays there are over 15 Shelby's still here in Peru, going from 1965 up to 1969 in various models (GT350, GT350H, GT500, Group II). In fact, one of the Cobra 427 Benito talks about, the street version, belonged to my father up until the early 90's when he sold it.
Patricia Barrios

Shelby #26 as of February 2011 - shown at a Mustang Show in Lima

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