1968 Shelby Hardtop Racer #5 
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Phil Jacobs found the acid dipped shell back then in 1987 through Michael Sedlak.
Phil presents his Shelby Hardtop Racer car #5 soon here.
A more detailed story about finding the car was published in a SAAC-newsletter.

*Actually in early 2012 we found out through research by Matt La Fond that indeed only 3 1968 cars were ordered by SA. 2 of those were used in the 68 season (and 2 converted from 67s).

Phils car was on of those 3 8R01J cars that was never finished during SAs ownership. 

The VIN is 8R01J118688.



My car was 1 of 5 to be used in the Trans-am series. It went unused for the '68 season and was then sold to independent Trans-am driver Bill Pendleton. 

Bill then got a ride in a Cougar Trans-am car for the next season and never finished my car. It bounced around between a few owners, but was never finished (raced or street driven). It was a bare shell with zero miles on it when I bought it in 1987. 

I spent the next three years doing research and collecting parts. It then took me two and a half years to restore it. After that, I had the pleasure of vintage racing it for 15 years and really enjoyed it. I had to sell it a couple of years ago to a good home. It's being enjoyed by someone else now.

2004 at Tulsa

Details of my car

An underhood shot at Mid-Ohio 1968

...and the engine as of 2004

This is a picture of an original Ford Trans-Am quarter panel with the fender flare stamped in it. Kar Kraft took new Mustang quarters and restamped them with a flare. They put a part number on it and it became a legal part to use.

This is the underside of one of the 68 team cars while being unloaded at the Watkins Glen racetrack. 
Thanks for those insights, Phil.

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