Alderman / Blakenship T/A Mustang
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Pit scene with Alderman in the background 
and the DickThompson car in the foreground.
Photo: Rick Mandelson

All pictures and information Steve Francis

 1967 at Daytona Beach.... 

on it's way to Sebring...

1967 at Sebring 

The History of a 1965 T/A Mustang

BUZZ Marcus 1966 with car in #74 dress. Photo Buzz Marcus

This Dearborn built 1965 notchback started life as a 6-cylinder 3-speed
before being transformed into a road racer by Ray Heppenstall (of Howmet turbine fame) in 1966 for Buzz Marcus to race in SCCA A/S and T/A. Marcus raced the car three times, once at Watkins Glen beating Bob Tulliusí Dodge Dart and twice at the Reading Road Races beating Steve Durstí Barracuda. Three wins as well and track records broken.

The Mustang was then sold to George Alderman who changed the color from the original Caspian Blue to British Racing Green with a white roof. Alderman's first race in the Mustang was the Sebring 4 hr International Touring Race on March 31, 1967 where he finished 9th . Alderman did the entire 4 hour stint himself after his planned co-driver, Brett Lunger, was not able to share the drive. 

George Alderman took these pics on the way to Sebring and at the racetrack.

George Alderman driving #24 at the 1967 Marlboro T/A. Photo George Alderman

Then on to the Lime Rock Park T/A however mechanical problems kept Alderman from starting the race. Last race for Alderman and Blakenship was the Marlboro Speedway Double 300 Trans Am on August 17, 1967 where they finished 6th.


In 1968 Alderman sold the Mustang to a friend who street raced the car until the engine blew up. The Mustang was then parked in a shed for some 40 years and forgotten, except for a few of us who hoped for the day that it could be removed and brought back to life. 

The car as of  2009
In January 2009, still wearing its Firestone race tires, magnesium 5 spoke wheels and SCCA tech stickers still on the roll bar it was removed from that rickety old shed. Restoration back to itís 1967 T/A season livery is planned.

Original set-up - preserved for 40 years plus

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