1967 Group 2 Mustang  T/A  car #25
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The History of the 1967 Shelby American Mustang car #25: 

"This 67 Shelby Group 2 was invoiced to go to Peru, but was purchased new from Shelby American by a Kiwi named Norman Frank Bryan. He did one race at Riverside in 67 and then the Shelby was shipped by boat to New Zealand, its first race in NZ was Nov 67.
The following year #25 was sold to Ian "Red" Dawson and he won the NZ Saloon Car Championship in the 69/70 Season. 

I have just purchased it for a customer from the Bowden's in Australia, so it is now back in NZ. Is basically complete but needs a complete restoration". Dale

Picture Archive Chris and Dan Bowden 

The History of the 1967 Shelby American Mustang car #25: 
Norman Barry bought this car in August 1967 from a private race team in the US and raced it under his middle names Frank Bryan at least at Riverside in a 6-hour race before importing it to his homeland New Zealand in October 67.

The car had to be equipped for import purposes with the full interior trim and bumpers were added for NZs racing regulations in group 5.

Frank Bryan finished the 67/68 NZ Saloon car championship second.

Car sold to Ian "Red" Dawson in August 1968. Painted electric blue with #35 on the doors. Raced in Australia in 1968.

Improvements done on the car for the 1969/70 season with a chin spoiler and rear spoiler, mid-season a Shelby prepared 302 was installed. The former 289 ended up in a Willys drag car. 

1970/71 season was characterized by several DNFs.

Sold to Peter Williams, fitted with a Chevy V8 and uses in drag racing.

Sold to Mike Harris who put in a 289cui and a MKIV Zephir gearbox.

Sold to John Chapman in 1984 together with a hot rod containing the original gear. Raced in classic events.

Purchased by David Bowden and brought to Australia.

Bought by Dale Mathers in 2008.

Last known owner Nigel McDonald (2013). Will be restored back to its blue livery.

The Bowden Family
NZ Classic Car Article
Wal Marshall 

The car as bought in 2008 by Dale Mathers and brought back to NZ


"Nigel managed to find three of the original magnesium American Racing wheels from this car, which were down in the South Island. A guy down there had them in his shed for 30 plus years, and wanted them to be reunited with the car. When American Racing produced wheels, they stencilled the customers name into the wheel centre. As you can see, on one of the wheels they spelt the name wrong. They spelt it “Frank Byran Racing”.

Steve Holmes from  Muscle Car Digital Magazine caught the car again for us on film in 2014.

Steve runs the great racing enthusiasts website www.theroaringseason.com

According to his report...the car is now owned by Nigel MacDonald.

"I snapped these pics when I visited Nigel earlier this year. Nigel bought the Mustang off the Bowden family in Australia. The pics show the Mustang as it looked when I visited, although currently it is being repainted back to the metallic blue as raced by Dawson when it won the 1970 NZ Saloon Car Championship.


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