Anders Nannerup Mustang Group 2 Racer
© Anders Nannerup, Gene Felton, Wolfgang Kohrn - December 10th, 2006, last updated May, 4th, 2015


All pictures courtesy Anders Nannerup/Gene Felton 

A-Sedan entries 





2007 at the Padborg Park, where it won 2nd. place
Picture Anders Nannerup

The History of Anders Nannerup 1965 Mustang Group 2 Racer, 
 former Gene Felton A/S notchback

Anders Nannerup 66 Notchback as raced in 2004 or 2006 at the Road America racetrack

The car was originally owned and built by Dave Tallaksen in 1965. Gene Felton bought the car in 1965 and raced it actively from 1965-66 to the end of 1967 at the ARRC at Riverside where it became involved in a 7 car crash. The car then stood for many years until Gene restored it.

Car is a K-code sedan, VIN: 5F07K625__ (VIN withheld by editor)_

The Owner history:

1965-1965   Dave Tallaksen
1965-1993   Gene Felton, Atlanta , GA , USA
1993-1997   Richard Amsden, FL, USA
1997-1998   Bill Nix
1998-2001   Kent Hussey, Madison , WI , USA
2001-2006   Steve Plater, WI, USA
2006-2015   Anders Nannerup , Copenhagen , Denmark
2015-          Chris Milner, UK

The car during Gene Feltons ownership raced with #14

Race History:
- SVRA medallion #37
- Top three Southeast Division, A-sedan, 1966
- Winner, Southeast Division, A-sedan, 1967
- American Road Race of Champions, Riverside , 1966 5th place
- American Road Race of Champions, Daytona , 1967 did not finish
- Trans Am, Paul Revere 250, 4th. of july 1967 18th. place
- Race winner during 66-67 at:

- Courtland , Alabama
- Bainbridge , GA
- Fernandina , FL
- Montgomery

2nd. And 3rd. places at:
- Indianapolis Raceway Park

Savannah International Raceway

Race of Champions, Riverside 1966 with #21 (Gene Felton)  

Raced again from 1989 and until 2006 in the US:
- Sebring
- Road America
- Atlanta Vintage GP
- Blackhawk Classic  

Thanks to John Valliere from Florida we received some close up shots of the car from back then during R. Amsdens ownership.

Raced in 2007 in Denmark:
- Padborg Park
- Sturup Raceway
It won the GP Denmark in 2007

2nd place at the 2007 Padborg Park race 
Picture Archive Anders Nannerup

Sturup Raceway 2007, the car won 3rd place

2007 Sturup Raceway                

Report and actual pictures by Anders Nannerup. Anders has been in touch with Gene Felton and obtained several pictures as shown above.

Infos and pictures needed for Dave Tallaksen ownership period and after 1993

Picture update 2008 from Anders:
I have just completed the restoration of my race car. The car has been brought back to how it was raced at the 1967 Paul Revere 250 Trans Am race at Daytona. The car has been painted the original 1965 Guardsman Blue and everything else has been brought back to original specs."

Pics Anders Nannerup
Update Feb. 2009
In 2008 Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix I raced the car in the Pro/Am race together with Dindo Capello. Both days we came in 5th. overall out of approx 15 cars, but pretty good being the only pre 1966 car in the field.


April 2015 - Sold to Chris Milner in the UK  

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