Independent John Hall 68 Notchback Mustang
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It has dated stamped 5 spoke magnesium AR Torque Thrust D wheels. It was a J-code car originally, but had a Boss 302 engine and period correct 4-wheel T/A disc brakes. This car was owned in 1997 by Ford Dealer Michael Douglas, currently owned by Fred Cziska.

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The History of John Hall's 1968 Notchback

In the late 1980s there was talk of a 1968 Mustang notchback race car for sale in Canada believed to be a Shelby prepared TA car, so my wife and I took a winter weekend trip from Pennsylvania to Ontario for a look. Once there we met with the owner, Don Henderson at his auto salvage yard.
 Henderson moved the Mustang out of a small garage nearby. The Boss 302 engine sounded very healthy. Body was in decent condition with fresh Grabber Blue paint. Side intrusion bars had been cut out of the roll cage. Had a Toploader trans, Kelsey Hayes 4-wheel disc brakes, magnesium 5-spoke wheels with February 1968 date codes, the dash VIN plate showed a J-code for engine designation. Henderson mentioned race history from 1969-72 by a drivers name of Derek Tenant. Later the Mustang was used on the street which explained the side bars being removed. Henderson wanted a Pantera for trade, not a cash purchase, so a value in the neighborhood of $25,000 USDs. First I wanted to confirm or dismiss the mention of it being a Shelby built racer.
Once back to Pennsylvania I contacted SAAC to run the VIN. Didn't take long to get an answer. No, it's not one of the Shelby prepared cars. The Mustang did eventually find a new home and as you see here it's been beautifully restored back to it's Fogg Motors livery.


Steve Francis

Car when found

Race History:
  Date                 Race Circuit                    Division          Plc        #              Car         Laps    $       Status
 Oct 6 1968   Pacific Raceways   SCCA Trans Am    4      68 Ford Mustang  124   650   running   
 Aug 24 1969   Laguna Seca Raceway   SCCA Trans Am    8   82  68 Ford Mustang  113   500   running   
 Sep 7 1969   Pacific Raceways   SCCA Trans Am    23     68 Ford Mustang  69   50   suspension   
 Sep 21 1969   Sears Point International Raceway   SCCA Trans Am    27     68 Ford Mustang  39   50   did not finish 

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