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I wish they had contacted us up front for generating an idea and a concept, but well somebody at Ford Europe also seems to be a Bullitt enthusiast. That is the good thing about this and we wonder whose table that is and why they had those two famous cars available.
Will we see a DHG european (or global) 2015 Mustang? We will learn soon.
The european journalists that went to the US last week got the 101 history lesson. Means they learned about what the Mustang was, when it was launched back then in 1964. A true affordable sports car with 101 HP.
This is what the lesson was about... we can expect an affordable sports car again ...with the Ecoboost as the base engine. The rest is up to your and our dreams. Like the Bullitt.

See the video clip here. A nice idea...but well there is lots of potential in that and imagination is what counts.
October 25th, 2013
Bullitt Replica for sale in UK
Quite often I get mails of Mustang Enthusiasts asking for Bullitt replicas being on sale.
It always helps to scan the News here, but we appreciate as well sellers information coming in. For this outstanding sample with a 302 engine, pre-2008 paint job, front disc brakes and power steering you will have to pay at least 48.000 pound Sterling probably, which is not cheap indeed.
You may wish to contact Silverstone Auctions for some thrill or get in touch with us for a direct contact to the owner.

Here is a video

VIN8F02J128817 Door Tag: 63A T5 2D 19M 64 5 5
October 12th, 2013
In May 2013 Dodge filmed its latest Dodge Dart commercial in San Francisco for the Canadian Market.
It was aired since last month to our best knowledge, but we got the story about the Making of it exclusively from Anthony Bologna.
His friend 68 Charger was used - the name of the owner is - not surprisingly -  Frank Panacci.
They both enjoy like many others keeping "Bullitt"  memories alive

View the commercial first. Click on the picture. Then follow this link to the background story.
September 23rd, 2013
Andrew Abbey sent us long ago pictures of his project car, a Candy Apple Red Mustang Fastback with a standard red interior and a289 cui engine. Today this car has already turned into a new Bullitt Mustang with a 390 and it will feature a 5-speed.
Let's count with him the days, until it can join the group.
 "Following this websites instructions we tried to stay as true to the film car as possible, all the way down to the Shelby steering wheel.  The car has black deluxe interior, p/s, a/c, 68 AM/FM radio with satellite, 67 center console, 68 tachometer, 15in torque thrust wheels on Michelin tires, a 9in rear replaced the old 8" and a Tremec TKO600 transmission replaced the C4. The car will be completed the end of November."
August 2nd, 2013
Marks Bullitt replica project from down under is already close ...very close.

He got a JJZ 108 real life licence plate, which indicates how close he is.... but recently also bought a valid JJZ 109 on ebay, so by now he just waits for the panel beater to finish his resto project to put it on. It may take 3 more months, but we just wanted to get this one on your radar screen.
It will feature a few unusual internals, but that makes it just a personal thing. We are curious to see it finished.
July 29th, 2013
Danny Whitfield does exceptional artwork for all kind of Mustangs and also offers customers to personalize their Mustang wall graphics.
The Bullitt artwork catched my eyes already a while ago, but I forgot about it, until I found it again in my Linkedin updates.
Danny really deserves to be mentioned here and if you have a wall place left, the 75 Dollar for this print would be well spent for a discussion topic, when you have invited guests in your living room or Mustang office. A garage would be just not enough for this masterpiece.
July 28th, 2013
This forest green 1952 Chevrolet 3800 series truck, complete with custom aluminum camper and painted grill, was the last vehicle, Steve Mc Queen rode in.
He was driven from his Santa Paula, Calif., home to the Ventura County Airport on Nov. 3, 1980, on his way to El Paso, Texas and his last cancer surgery in Juarez, Mexico.McQueen died Nov. 7, 1980.
Car was on sale at MECUM, 26th. of July, 2013, but did not sell yet

Read more here:
July 24th, 2013
The 45th BULLITT Anniversary T-Shirt was the official mechandise provider for the 45th anniversary of the movie Bullitt in San Francisco.
All proceeds from the sale of the merchandise goes to the Boys Repulic. Boys Republic is a private, nonprofit, nonsectarian school and treatment community for troubled youngsters. Since its founding in 1907, it has guided more than 28,000 at-risk teenage boys and girls toward productive, fulfilling lives.
You learn more about the Boys Republic on their website

July 21st, 2013
The X-Files of the Bullitt chase car scene
We are having a look at a few remaining mysteries of the chase scene. By coincident we were just contacted by another eye witness of the filming and who gave us additional plausible descriptions as to the maintenance work on the cars on site... pointing us to a few things that require further investigation.
Looking at the Guadelupe Canyon Parkway environment area, some of the hints to garages nearby pretty much make sense.
Updates postponed to 2014

Interesting enough ...while examining the environment we found this X-mark on the side near Brisbane. An extraterrestrian mark ...certainly not:-)
But as a trivia, who marked this spot with a big X. Was it a Bullitt maniac? Was it a crimespot, an accident? If you don't believe us, it is there, check out googlemaps yourself and have another look.

Source: Googlemaps
June 27th, 2013 Steve McQueens tweed jacket up for auction
Click here and again on 14th. January 2014 at Bonhams?
June 21st, 2013

Enthusiasts from around the US, Canada and England who have restored the iconic cars featured in the film, the Dodge Charger and the Ford Mustang, gathered at the City Hall at 11am to attend a proclamation for the BULLITT Day.

A representative of the Mayor's office presented the proclamation commemorating the 45th anniversary of the filming of Bullitt to Chad McQueen, the late Steve McQueen's son, and his family. A representative of the police dept. was also in attendance.

See the proclamation and Anthonys speech on youtube
Click here

Full report here

Immediately after the event, a procession of all the restored cars travelled the route of the famous chase scene depicted in the film, terminating in Brisbane. This was followed by a BBQ dinner and testimonials from all those who participated in the making of Bullitt. Since many of the participants have already passed and others are aging, it was decided to commemorate the 45th anniversary as opposed to the 50th.

One of the participants was Frank Panacci Sr, (89), a former San Francisco Police Officer for 31 years,who was assigned to scout locations and control the streets during filming. He worked on other films and TV. It was during filming on The Laughing Policeman that Officer Panacci heard someone shouting about a murder that had just occurred. Officer Panacci hopped on his three wheeled motorcycle, caught up with the assailant, drew his gun and made the arrest.

Ironically, Frank Panacci's son, Frank Jr. was an extra on another famous Steve McQueen film shot in San Francisco, The Towering Inferno. As a teenager, he stood in as a San Francisco Firefighter in a scene filmed at Station 38 on California Street. That was his inspiration to join the fire service and is now the Deputy Fire Chief in Daly 

June 13th, 2013
Anthony Bologna, Frank Panacci and Don Cuicci will be raffling for the 45 Anniversary photo poster

of retired San Francisco Police Officer Frank Panacci Sr. who was assigned to Steve McQueen's Solar Production during the 1968 filming of "Bullitt"
Personal letters from Steve McQueen, photographs and articles from San Francisco  newspaper describing the filming and Officer Panacci being on assignment on the set

All proceeds of the raffle went to the Boys Republic in Chino,Calif .
June 9th, 2013
"Black Sabbath" Bullitt for sale

Well, it was meant to be for a member of the Black Sabbath rock group and for that purpose restored on a very high level. The sale did not work out finally, but the new owner will have a good story to tell.
27.000 Pound Sterling were put in the restoration, the price is not disclosed. 

Check out this link

June 9th, 2013
For the 45th Anniversary on June 19th.-21th 2013 in San Francisco Glen Kalmack wanted something new in his 1968 Bullitt replica and he walked the extra miles to surprise visitors with a camera rigging. 
..but the work just started there. With new pictures and more information available available end of 2014 Glen went back to work, so
for 2015 we expect a new "installation" in his car.

In 2013 he added the Yankee outside mirror - the new "must-have".

New pics have shown that the camera operator was always in the rear,   the lighting mounted to a dolly and the generator in the trunk.

More pictures will appear of this set-up in 2015 on Glens replica site  in our US based replica section.
June 1st, 2013 - updated Sept. 21st.2013
There are 3 things that Steve McQueen really liked in his life, that was cars, motorcycles and the Boys Republic school in Chino, which turned his life style around. Againt his year Chad McQueen and the school kids aside from the organisation team and many a car and motorcycle enthusiast support this event.
Dave Kunz was already on site and made this video report for with his local team.
In the picture you see the awards that were made by the boys from the school. 
There is also a pro-bike jump show that simulates the big jump from "The Escape" plus many more show elements. Stay tuned for further updates on the great show.
Click on the picture to follow what Dave has to say.

Here is also Anthony Bolognas report on the Chino event.
May 28th, 2013
The BULLITT Anniversary Photoshooting

Thanks to the Internet (which is on since April 1993 btw) many Mustang enthusiasts have learned that not only the Mustang topics, but also the Bullitt theme is truely international. 
Ever since the movie was shown in cinemas worldwide, there are Bullitt maniacs everywhere.

We had already reported about the pair of Bullitt Mustang and a Charger replica from Christoph and Sebastien in France.

On the occasion of the 45th Anniversary they did a photoshooting with Christophe from for the french Big Block magazine May/June 2013, which features muscle cars of the famous era. 
The time was right for the Bullitt pair this month.

Christophe from did a great job. 

We will feature more photos of this session this week here.

April 15th, 2013
News from Anthony Bologna

Picture courtesy Jinfotografo/Flickr
Anthony Bologna and Frank Panacci are facilitating with the City of Brisbane to get a street named in the Town of Brisbane, Calif.
I'm sure we all know why Brisbane?  This is were the chase ends with the Charger going through the mock up fuel depot and blows up on Guadalupe Canyon road. The location today is occupied by an office building.. 
In the original script the chase goes along the Marina Greens. The Mustang and Charger are heading up to the Golden Gate Bridge, were the Charger was supposed to go over the side of the bridge.
The Golden Gate Bridge Authority's were not happy with that, so it was rewritten to end on the outskirts of San Francisco.
March 27th, 2013
It wasn't the correct DHG for this car

but David Kunz still enjoyed his ride in a 624HP 2013 Shelby GT350 at the last weeks Shelby bash. As the master of ceremonies, he held as well the speech at the banquett in the evening.
Those who did not recognize him, now you know:-)
As well he enjoyed the latest write-up of the Matt Stone article, that appeared on 10 pages in the new german sports car magazine GRIP. A copy is on its way to him.

Wrong paint formula for a Bullitt enthusiast, but still a lot of fun. Understanding GO FURTHER now?

The perfect car for a remake - the BASS 770 from Equus Automotive

March 22nd, 2013
The 50th. Anniversary and a Bullitt Remake insight?
Looked like, but then checking out their announcement website, it seems to be not only the wrong spelling, but the wrong Frank Bullet character, the wrong car in it, the wrong...well, what else can you do wrong...picture it yourself in the preview, gallery. Nothing against the producers, the plot, the whatever, it just might need another name to convince me personally. 
March 16th, 2013
Robert Relyea - Producer of the Bullitt movie dies at the age of 82
Click here for an orbituary
March 8th. 2013
The full movie from  ROADRIDER is now available on youtube in full lenth.
Anthony and Frank Panacchi helped the rollerskate guys making this movie.

 Click here

February 18th. 2013
Tony Piazza tells us more in a NBC show  - but I just saw, there were rarely seen filmed action scenes in that report. So this one is worth to watch in detail.

Watch it here 
Mike Roberts from California send us more actual pictures of his pride - 3 years sind his last contact and the car featuring a few recent upgrades for the fun of it.

Check out


Also do not miss this video with never seen Charger filming content from the 1968 shooting.


February 13th, 2013
When Tony Piazza says, he was there in 1968
, then he was there. 

Good that he took the time to write down his memories of the filming in San Francisco.

The good thing about this book is, you can read it for just 99 US Cents, get it online and you do something good to the Chino Boys group, host for the 45th. Anniversary event on April 17th. (The Hoondog event).


Now go reading, but shop first. 

(About 30 pages memories out of 38) 

January 12th, 2013
We have a new Bullitt replica owner on board.

This 1967 version made its way from California down under to Greg Brinkley in East Australia.

My 1967 was rebuilt in Bullitt style with repaint to Highland Green, new interior and various other specs. 67/68 fastbacks are hard to come by in Australia  so this one came from California and arrived in my hands early 2011. ‘BULLITT’ number plates are for show purposes, but the car is great to drive and attracts much attention. 

Car is an ‘A’ Code so I left the new motor at a 289 with 4 barrel but a slightly milder cam. Power disc brakes up front and many new suspension replacement items but all standard Mustang as the budget was getting a bit thin. 
When BULLITT hit the movie screens I was about 19 yrs. of age. For me the Mustang was the car of dreams from then on particularly in the BULLIT style as it tells a story as opposed to just ‘posing’. So here I am at 63 and finally the dream came true. I might lower it a bit in the future, but am not yet decided. Perhaps some better creature comforts inside particularly air con.... particularly as our summer here now is up in the mid to high 30’s C."

Here is a link to his car in our replica section.


Ken Block did it and I missed it :-). 
It was in the January 7th, 2013 news again -on the west coast, because the "Making of" is now available online.

The BULLITT 45th. Anniversary is ON!

It was a matter of time, but they did it last July already.  Now the MAKING OF... is available online.

The full Bullitt style stunt in San Francisco in Gymkhana style. Ken Block shows how that stunt would have been set-up today with no limits of a top notch rally-stunt-car.

We heard, it took a million Dollar, slowing down the traffic several weekends early morning on the Golden Gate bridge and in the streets, but it really still pumps our Adrenalin.

See this movie - THE MAKING OF Gymkhana V  herefor an exciting start into 2013 for more Bullitt action.


Bullitt movie - a new picture on the web from the HotRod Mayhem facebook page
December 25th, 2012

This never seen picture caught my attention today, though it is around a few days already.

One of the few pics that shows the mirror in full details, the dings and scratches on the front, the center hub caps and tire tread. More to follow-up for the die-hard Bullitt replica owners.
We also came across a new picture that seems to show a rollcage brace in the Gouadeloupe scene. Just checking back with that one.

Picture Hot Rod Mayhem
A Merry Christmas to all Bullitt Enthusiasts from Sergio Costa Devoti from Italy 
December 24th, 2012

Sergio sent us this nice Christmas card to share with the Enthusiasts worldwide.
Keep an eye out in traffic for the cops, even if you're one yourself. Donuts allowed in winter time only. 

And don't dring and drive!


A Happy New Year to you all as well from us.

Bassams Paris based Bullitt replica added
December 14th, 2012
Forgot about it some time ago, now added finally.

Read more

Bullitt chase review aired on French TV TF1
December 10th, 2012

Thanks to the film team around Jean-Pierre and Christophe Gomez we got permission to upload it here for you. Thank you for the excellent cooperation.

Here is the  link


Ben Maccabee sent us this sad note:
Actor Pat Ranella who stared with Steve Mcqueen in BULLITT (He's the guy McQueen shoots down at the airport. was the main bad guy) passed away in November  the 9th., 2012
Interesting fact that I found out, that Pat was born on the same date as McQueen MAR 24TH, a year before McQueen was born, now check this out McQueen passed  Nov 7th and Pat passed very close to this date Nov 9th... .

Pat Renella, known for roles such as a gangster killed by Steve McQueen in 1968 crime thriller Bullitt, has died. He was 83.
The actor’s niece confirmed to the Hollywood Reporter on Friday that Renella passed away Nov. 9 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after a long bout with chronic illness.
Over his decades long career, Chicago native Renella — with his dark-haired, dark-eyed good looks — appeared on TV shows such as Mannix, General Hospital, S.W.A.T. and McCloud, and in the 1967 teen rebellion cult classic film Riot on Sunset Strip. In Bullitt, he plays Johnny Ross, who fakes his murder to escape the mob, and is hunted down by a San Francisco police lieutenant played by lead McQueen. Renella is survived by his niece and sister.

The Bullitt Mirror Mystery - Solved!
By Mike Farrell
December 1st, 2012

The Photo evidence:
We have checked available movie or other pictures of the obscure Bullitt Mustang mirror and found these to compare against Mikes rare ebay find.
Be your own judge.

courtesy Cinemaretro

courtesy press picture WB





The Yankee Metal Product Mirror type.....?. 
It must be it!

The direct comparison leaves no doubt....

considering the wide angle photoshot (of which the background picture is a cutout)


One of the riddles - long plaguing 1968 Bullitt Replica Car Builders - has been the round side-view mirror mounted on the movie car in place of the OEM mirror.  But after careful examination of the few available movie stills combined with the modern technology of DVD/Blue Ray, and High Definition, and a lot of luck, this riddles just may have been solved.

My Investigation

It's obvious the mirror is an aftermarket, and not an early model Mustang mirror.  By examining the best still photograph depicting the mirror (McQueen behind the wheel, and the mirror in the lower left corner), the unique characteristics of the mirror can be seen.  The base is an elongated oval shape, the rear section convex.
(You can see one of the Phillips head mounting screws).

Looking at the front portion of the base, just in front of the mast, you can see a "half round" feature, and the line or pivot point where the mast is attached.  This allows the mirror to be adjusted approximately 90 degrees up or down. The mast's adjustment screw in on the convex side, which allows a screwdriver access so as to loosen and tighten the screw, and adjust the mast's angle.  In fact, this adjustment feature identifies the mirror as universal to either the passenger or driver's side of the car. 

The mast and upper mounting/pivot point for the mirror is clear.  The upper pivot point is cone shaped, with a tension screw at the one end. A bushing or washer type feature is visible between the cone and the 4 inch mirror.  This allows the mirror to be manually adjusted in a eccentric manner.

After examining other stills, and freeze framing the movie scenes where the mirror is best depicted, I felt confident that if the mirror existed, I could find it.

My Search

Where else? Ebay Motors, and Swap meets.  I would type in "Vintage round side view mirror" in the search box on Ebay, and painfully search the endless pages of possibilities. I checked out area swap meets as well to no avail.

Then one night, out of the blue, I checked Ebay, and Kaboom!  There it was.  It knew it when I saw it.  It was the damn mirror!  Identical to the original movie car. All the unique identifying features matched.  Just to be sure, I viewed the movie, re-examined the stills.  No doubt in my mind, this was a duplicate mirror.  With about 4 days left on the auction, I immediately placed a bid I knew no one else would beat.  Four days later, it was mine!  Seven bucks, plus seven dollars for shipping, it would arrived at my home within a week.  


The day before the mirror arrived, I contacted Wolfgang via email. I informed him of what I found, and forwarded to him the photos of the mirror from the original Ebay listing. Wolfgang responded back with cautious optimism.  The next morning the mirror arrived. Upon viewing, and holding it for the first time, I was convinced it was identical to the movie car mirror.  I inspected it looking for a manufacturer's name, and model number, but none was found.  However, based on other mirrors I found to closely resemble this mirror, I believe it was manufactured by a company called Yankee Metal Products. A now defunct aftermarket products company out of Norwalk, Connecticut.

The next day, I prepared, and sprayed the mirror Highland Green.  I sent additional photos to Wolfgang of the mirror dressed in HG, seeking his opinion. He soon responded back stating the mirror was the closest depiction of the original he had ever seen.


In my opinion, based on the totality of the photographic evidence, I'm convinced this is the same/identical/duplicate mirror mounted on the original movie car by the production company.  I'm so sure, that I'm willing to do almost everything ..if somebody proofs me wrong.

Mike Farrell

We have a new Bullitt crew member.
Craig Davies from Down Under has a very special Bullitt replica. A factory 390 GT, but wait...there is much more to it.
Read more.
Nice commercial
Frank Panaccis 68 Charger used. Soon more about that adventure from Anthony Bologna
6th and 7th. August 2012 saw  "Bullitt" Action with a 2013 GT and both movie car replicas in the streets of SFO.

A TV show called Automoto produced a 4-5 minutes movie for the french TF1 broadcast.

Follow this link

Friends of Steve McQueen Show

by Anthony Bologna

, the "North Beach Boys" (Anthony Bologna, Frank Panacci, Carl Asaro and Don Cucci) just got back from Southern California where we attended the "Friends of Steve McQueen" Fund Raising Auction and Dinner (Friday night) and the Bullitt Car Show (all day Saturday).  Don towed Frank's 'triple-black' Charger  and Anthony towed the 1968 Mustang down to this annual event in Chino Hills, CA.  What really is special, is that the entire two-day event is held on the grounds of the Boy's Republic (the 100 year old private facility has become the home for thousands of troubled youth and that Steve McQueen attended and graduated from!).  Some of the younger boys, from a local school  were dressed in fatigues and directing traffic, were both respectful; and obviously, very proud of the Boy's Republic Organization.

   At Saturday's car show competition and judging, I don't think that I've ever seen so many "Highland Green" Mustangs in one place, at one time!.  Whether the year was 1968 (for the originals), or 2001 on up (for the Bullitt Mustang Recreations), you couldn't have crammed too many more of those 'Pony Muscle Cars' on the grass display field.  And when all of the judging was completed, Frank's Charger took First Place for the "Bad Guy's Car."  Anthony had to accept the trophy (custom made by the young men in the Boy's Republics Wood Shop....a true "one-of-a-kind" award!), because Frank had to fly home and cheer-on his son Frankie to a high school championship baseball win at the Oakland Coliseum.+

Chad signing


The prototype for the 2008/9

CA resident Glen Kalmacks car




This year, we were lucky enough to spend some real quality time with Chad McQueen during both the dinner and car show.  In fact, his room was just down the hall from ours at the hotel. Prior to this past weekend, we never actually knew what caused Chad's obvious physical injuries, but had only heard rumors. Chad explained, that he constantly suffers from pain as a result of the injuries that he received from a high-speed wreck that he was involved in during racing competition six years go.  Apparently, he hit a wall at 170 mph, severely mangled his leg, crushed his chest, collarbone, neck  and had vision impairment along with other impact injuries.  He now uses a cane to assist his walking .  Since we first met him two years go, at the 30th Anniversary of his Father's passing, it was apparent that his auto racing injuries have really taken a toll on Chad's body, but they haven't dampened his drive, spirit or commitment to the goals and success of the Boy's Republic.

    At the Friday night dinner, Frank's 68' Charger was staged on top of a specially angled and fabric draped platform (surrounded by potted rose bushes!), that was all part of the unique dinner table arrangement with center pieces of Cable Cars  and a 1968 Highland Green Mustang going over the hills in Fisherman's Wharf 's guest seating area.  The event organizers provided a showcase so that we could display Frank's Father's unique photos of Steve McQueen and other cast members.  Also, Frank's Dad's San Francisco Police Motor-Officer helmet and badge and other personal memorabilia were shown.  

Additionally, the large Bullitt "behind the scenes" collage that Deb originally put together for Frank (with rare copies of his Dad's personal photos and letters) was digitally re-copied, enhanced photographed and framed.  Three copies of it were auctioned off on Friday Night.  We were thrilled, beyond belief, since each copy sold for $2,000 and raised a total of $6,000 for the Boy's Republic.  Since we had only brought one framed copy with us, and we sold two more (that we didn't bring with us), Chad McQueen was gracious enough to agree to sign all three copies of the artwork prior to their final framing.

Now, to bring an end to this "Reader's Digest" version, we were privileged to be a part of the Boy's Republic's fund raising program.  One other lucky thing happened to our San Francisco North Beach Gang, we hooked-up with Glen Kalmack, who drove his 1968 mustang all the way down from Vancouver, Canada, to attend the event. When Chad McQueen took a picture with Glen and later signed his hat and sun visor, I thought that he (Glen) was going to 'pass-out'!!  It was really uncanny how well Glen fit in with the 4 of us, just like he'd been hanging around the "old neighborhood" 

   In summary, everyone involved with the Friends of Steve McQueen Fundraiser were "tip-top," and couldn't do enough to make all the dinner and show participants feel "special."  So, from the "Northern California Italian Contingent," please accept our sincerest appreciation for the time, work and caring that you put into every aspect of this show.  We were proud to play a small part in its overall success .

Arnold Welch displayed his Charger "Survivor" as well, that we feature for years on this site.
Recreating the most famous chase scene for the Alcatraz series created a lot of attention and fun in the streets of San Francisco.

Anthony Bologna was again there and joined the team as close a possible, also met Sarah Jones on site. She is the main actor. Anthony sent us some short movies of the actual filming.

A very thrilling adventure, Anthony has a good story with it to share with you. Click here for more

The stunt drivers created a scale model scene to discuss the filming first. Rails indicate also the SFO cable car way.  Blue Mustang on right and Charger in front.

Sarah Jones took time off to be pictured with author Anthony for our "Bullitt" web-site 
Sergio Costa Devoti from The Mustang Club of Italy invidted all Mustangers in Europe to their meeting on June 2nd/3rd 2012 in Milano Maritima.

These pictures were taken at the recent Verona meeting of  the italian club.

Don DeHart brought this TCM comercial to my attention and it is a very nice clip for the OSCAR movies with a blend of most famous Oscar movies. Of course a sequence of Bullitt is in. TCM12th


November 1st, 2011
Arnold and Carol sent exclusive pics of the Bullitt survivor Charger at the SEMA.
Visit the Optima Batteries Booth to learn more abbout this outstanding beauty.

See further down for the full scope of his restoration or click here for more pics from the booth.

October 30th,2011
Arnold Welch likes deadlines (30th. of October) and he really worked around the clock to make it. be at the SEMA 2011on the Optima Batteries booth with the Top 5 best known Chargers. So watch out for it.

The "surviving Bullitt movie Charger" as Arnold claims it. Nail him for the proofs on site.

The Preface and more pics at the bottom 


SEMA pics from 1st. of November on

How to surprise a BULLITT MANIAC
How does a True Bullitt Enthusiast from the United Kingdom celebrate her 60th Birthday?

Answer: Return to Southern California, and take a cruise in her favorite 68 Mustang Fastback on the Pacific Coast Highway!
Last Spring, Teresa Peacock wished to return to Southern California in order to celebrate a personal milestone, her 60th.  After meeting "T" as she likes to be called, at last year's Tribute Event to Steve McQueen and Bullitt, my wife Dianne and I offered her a place to stay at our home in Redondo Beach. 
Hesitant at first, T pulled the trigger, and booked her trip for the last week of September into the first week of October.  
Little did T know, a major surprise was now set into motion involving her two daughters Kelly and Tracy, and her sister Sharon.
As the Summer passed, the girls planned to make T's 60th Birthday a day to remember. 
The Plan:  To fly themselves to California without T's knowledge, and surprise her by showing up at my home in Redondo Beach unannounced.

T's Surprise Birthday Cake....Bullitt and Route 66 theme!

Teresa and the Mustang at Woody's Diner located in Sunset Beach, California

Kelly, Teresa, Sharon, and Tracy
The Result:  Arriving on September 28th, I picked T up at LAX, and drove her to my home. Unbeknownst to T, her girls would arrive just 28 hours later.
The next evening T was enjoying a home cooked meal, talking to my wife when suddenly Kelly, Tracy, and Sharon walked through my front door. Classic!!!!!!!!
Completely shocked by their presence, T and her family would enjoy the rest of their holiday, and T's 60th birthday together.
All as a result of, our passion for Steve, Bullitt, and the 68 Mustang!
Mike Farrell
September 21st, 2011, updated October 17th, 2011
Arnold Welch and his "survivor" Charger joins a special display at the SEMA!
We had been contacted by somebody earlier this year, if Arnold would be interested and yes, he was and is. Now he is being in a hurry to finish it in time for the all-time-big Charger show. High 5. 
Or to be more exact - the 5 best known (surviving) Chargers will appear together in one big show display at a sponsor very soon. 
September 20th, 2011
Fred Nolan owns a special Bullitt replica. 

A real 390 S-code plus many more similarities to the real 2 cars used in the movie.

See his car and description here.

September 15th, 2011
Glen Kalmack did it again...
he is a regular show participant meanwhile. This shot got into our news from him of the Luxury Car Show at Vandusen Garden in Vancouver/BC.

"There were a lot of real nice high end super cars and classics as well. Mine was for display only at this fashion show with a Steve McQueen theme. Had a real nice time. Filming with the new TV series Alcatraz has been going pretty good.My car has been used alot the first episode of my car will be out later this month.


August 18th.
BULLITT Tribute Mustang to win
at Watkins Glen on Dec. 3rd.
Final call for buying tickets online

The video alone is worth to see, but wait you can still win this one. 2500 raffle tickets are sold and the 390 cui equipped 1967 stang might be yours.

Tickets from 60 Dollar and you need to be present at Watkins Glen on December 3rd, 2011!.
August 13th.
The Coffee Cantata details

The city sleuth of San Francisco deserves credit, when he digged this story out with a blog reader about the jazz band playing for Lt. Bullitt and Cathy back then in 1968.
It is an interesting read about how Steve McQueen influenced the movie making in many details.

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This webpage of City Sleuth
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August 10th., 2011
Sebastien from France updated us about his rim and tire changes of his Charger, so it looks way more original than before.

He also sent along a link to a youtube movie of his car idling. For all of us to enjoy!

June 15th, 2011
Another pair of Bullitt replicas!

Christoph Meyers 1968 Bullitt replica and Sebastiens 68 Charger met in June in France at an event and they meanwhile repeat their rendez-vous more often..

Christoph's Bullitt Mustang features a 347 Stroker. It was restored about 6 years ago and came from Michigan. 
More in the related european Bullitt replica sections.  Sebastiens Charger, who bought his original 440 powered Charger in 2008 is in fact an original Chrysler France export car from 1968.
June 10th, 2011
Sergio Costa Devoti from Italy joins our Bullitt Maniac community in finishing his 1968 replica. His final touch was the licence plate from Carl Genatassio on this car, a must have for any 67/68 DHG Mustang owner... at least.

Finally added July 28th
June 7th, 2011
The Friends of Steve McQueen Show in Chino/California featured a very thrilling display

Read the full story here

"I visited this last weekends Friends of Steve McQueen Event. My Bullitt was the display car along with the Charger from Picture Cars.  It was a great event, double the size from last year. I got to spend some time with my dear friend Chad McQueen.  
Couple a words about Chad. In my book and I'm sure in a lot of other people's books Chad is considered an one of a kind, a true genuine person, who has endless love towards his Dad - The Great late Steve McQueen. 
He carries the Legend with honours and lots of love to the people.  Chad is an Icon - a man's man and I am proud to be his friend.  G-d bless him and his family."  

Much obliged,

Ben Maccabee

May 19th, 2011
James Lawrence Garner aka Larry from Arkansas is our latest Bullitt family member. His Bullitt replica has a very low stance, since the front is lowered by 2". Larry likes to drive fast, but since the car starts to wander at about 100mph, he is thinking of some improvements to participate in real track races. We'll add more information soon.
May 4th, 2011

The official Music Video "FUN" from Sharam I Anousheh is finally officially out, featuring the Frank Panacci Charger and Mustangs Plus Tribute 68 Mustang.

Check it out

April 24th, 2011
Bullitt Maniacs stick to their icons for a long time. It was a pleasure getting a mail from Bernard Decoene from Belgium -  one of our meanwhile 58 worldwide Bullitt replica owners- whose car I spotted at a Mustang Meeting about a dozen years ago or so.
This licence plate of course sticks to your memories easily. It is good to know this car is still around and even looks better today.
Thanks to Bernard for sending us a short update on his 67 Fastback with a 302 claiming it has real 520 RWHP on a dyno. 

Who dares to challenge him for a race?

Remembering the sound from back then, I think you're gonna loose.

Here is the original replica entry
April 5th, 2011
The first private owner of the new series of McQueen tribute cars from Gateway Classic Mustangs contacted us and hopefully will provide us soon with pics of his first coming out in San Francisco at the famous spots. 

Mike D. is proud about his new Bullitt car - being a Bullitt maniac for a number of years already. 
Having already a Bullitt 2008, he researched all the streets to drive in SFO for a total recall of McQueens ride of the century.

For 135.000 Dollar, this tour really deserves to be the ultimate driving experience. We hope he returns safe to be able to give us some insight, how that lifetime experience felt.
March 24th, 2011
The music video that  was filmed with Ron and Dave Bramletts Mustangs Plus Tribute car and Frank Panaccis Charger is finally out.

Driver Matt in the Charger made a good Bill Hickmann in Franks car and the Mustangs Plus tribute car was again in the center spot. But who will remember the name of the lady?

Watch the video here

The actual scenes in the movie, when Lt. Frank Bullitt bought his meals.
Glen Kalmack keeps us busy for good with his cloned movie memorabilia.

We would not be the Unexpected Ponysite, if we don't make room for the UNEXPECTED BULLITT stuff. This is Glens latest creation for his show display, a almost NOS looking TV dinner set, that Lt. Bullitt bought at the shop across his house. See the screenshots on the right or review the movie for the original scenes in the movie. The set looks exactly like the original and Frank bought also onions. The correct paper bag goes with this set. 
Some may think Glen needs a therapy, but wait until you see his mannequin, he just prepares. Now you are getting curious, are you?
Performance World Car Show in Toronto March 11th - 13th was the place for this outstanding sample of an original 1968 390GT Bullitt replica. 
"It WAS featured among the newer Bullitt
Mustangs 2002 and 2008." tells us Mike Roberts from Canada.

"The car was built in San Jose January 1968 (a couple of weeks later)than the WB cars. VIN : 8R02S134808,  it is a 4 spd 390 4v with AM radio. The car lived its life in Montana and was 'rust free'. It was completely stripped down and restored. Instruments redone and recalibrated. AM radio rebuilt. Engine, radiator, carb were all redone.

More on Mike Roberts Bullitt here

courtesy Mike Robert/photo Sean Scott Images
A new Music Video was filmed on the 22nd. of February.

Matt drove the Charger of Frank Panacci in the scenes. Mustangs Plus brought their Tribute Mustang over to the locations and they all had fun. Stay tuned for some more insight.
A video can be found here .

Stay tuned for more from Anthony Bologna.

February 5th. 2011
"Drive Angry"

isn't typically a good attitude, but there may be a reason. Nicolas Cage and Amber Heard are starring in a new movie. 
Unfortunately they did not put a Mustang in this movie, but our Bullitt Charger friends may get something out of it, even though Nicolas Cage maybe not everybodies supertough hero actor.

Check out the trailer here
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