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Craig Davies 
1968 BULLITT Replica
Craig from Perth/Western Australia has indeed a very special replica.
"It is an original dark highland green 68 Factory GT Mustang. Although a J-code 302 engine was in it upon delivery, Craig massaged a replacement 351cui engine to a 418cui much more powerful performance drivetrain combined wit a top loader  and a 9" rear end (3,71:1). The result, an impressive 505HP.
"It was originally from Oregon and I own it since 2006. I drove it for one year, then stripped it since the paint was paper thin. I lowered it also 2" on all 4 corners." says Craig and continues: "I will never sell it, the car goes to my daughter Melissa, that is for sure. By the way, Allan Moffat choose my car as "Best of Show" in 2010 at a Mustang Owners club meeting in Perth." G-day.

The car in 2006 before Craig repainted it. The C-Stripe was dropped then.

Lowered 2" around it has a much better stance now.

Note the valid WA JJZ-109 licence plate

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