by Anthony Bologna/San Francisco/2012

Recreating the most famous chase scene for the Alcatraz series created a lot of attention and fun in the streets of San Francisco.

Anthony Bologna was again there and joined the team as close a possible, met Sarah Jones there, the main actor and send us some short movies of the actual filming.

A very thrilling adventure, Anthony has a good story with it to share with you:

How history has come a full circle with the Bullitt chase coming to life after 44 years ago......Yes 44 years!  Where has the time gone!.  My neighborhood was alive with Director Jack Bender,assitant directors,trailers, lights, camera equipment, and film crew.
      Posted on  the chase route buildings was an announcement that a car chase with professionals was going to be filmed for a couple days.  The cars needed to moved and the film crew would be very cooperative with the inconvenience.......
      As, I'm walking around the set,I noticed all the stunt drivers including Shauna Duggins (2013 Mustang GT)  and Jack Gill (2013 Charger) with Director Jack Bender,and camera operators, had drawn a chalk story board on the sidewalk with miniature cars displaying how the action would unfold......(see first picture)
All of the stunt drivers had communication in their cars, so that they knew when the director called ACTION or CUT.....or  safety was an issue everything came to a complete halt......The first of many takes were at slow speeds, so that everyone knew what to expect of the cars and how merciless the hills of San Francisco were  on the cars

     The director and camera crew from the Fox series "Alcatraz" spent hours filming on Columbus and Taylor street trying to recapture one of the most iconic scenes ever filmed in San Francisco. The chase from the 1968 film has been called one of the greatest chase scenes of all time.

    "To be a part of something, that's paying respects, that I feel good about." said actress Sarah Jones. "But no one can fill Steve McQueen's shoes."  ... ( KTVU) Jones plays detective Rebecca Madsen in the show, but her stunt double (Shauna Duggins) tackles the chase scenes.

     The Ford Mustang has the honor of being involved with perhaps the most iconic chase scene in history, with Steve McQueen piloting a 1968 Mustang Fastback in the movie Bullitt. The chase scene has had many reenactments  although none can really capture the magic of the original.

     The Fox television series Alcatraz will be doing their very best  to replicate the Bullitt chase in an upcoming episode March 26,2012. The show recently filmed various scenes of the chase in the streets of San Francisco using a brand new 2013 Mustang GT  .

     The series, in which a group of investigators track down former "Alcatraz" prisoners who somehow re-emerge in the present day, finds star Sarah Jones -- in Steve McQueen-style turtleneck -- chasing a suspect through the same hilly streets McQueen drove down . The Mustang is newer with better brakes airbags etc, and a stunt woman, Shauna Duggins, does the actual driving
     “We’re just trying to recreate every single shot and add some more -so a lot of sliding around the corners, a lot of getting close to things,” says stunt driver Jack Gill. “It’s really easy to drive around slow, but when they say come around it at 70 miles an hour, it’s a little different.” said Gill. (KTVU)
     On a sad note, two  2013 Mustang GT cars   were used for the chase.... The modified one for the chase and jumper car will be destroyed when production is done, while the hero car will still be around for future production......I was told by the special effect crew on the set that the car will not be on sale on Ebay or sold to the general public because of the modifications of the engine,suspension, brakes,and add on's to  protect the driver,  was not part of the Ford's original plan production or authorization of the modifications. 


You can also few some professional TV reporting on the making of... local channel and website report on the actual filming 
See videos here
here and here

Starts with sponsor commercial, sorry, but the movie is worth it.

The stunt drivers created a scale model scene to discuss the filming first. Rails indicate also the SFO cable car way.  Blue Mustang on right and Charger in front.

Sarah Jones took time off to take a photo  for our "Bullitt" web-site 

The actual Mustang used for the chase scene

Corner of Taylor and Columbus street,where the race begins. Charger puts down the pedal.

...and the Mustang following.

The camera crew at Taylor/Columbus


More details from Anthony:

Beautiful rims with low profile tires for the chase.

Interior shot

This was a special platform that was rigged in the back seat for the camera to be secured in the rear

The hood was opened to cool things down after many attempts to duplicate the "Bullitt" chase

Another interior shot of the Mustang

It looks like a converted Cadillac Escalade Equipped with monitors recording equipment to control the arm with camera.This was used to get the panning action and over view areal shots


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