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Greg Brinkley 
1967 BULLITT Replica
""My 1967 was rebuilt in Bullitt style with repaint to Highland Green, new interior and various other specs. 67/68 fastbacks are hard to come by in Australia  so this one came from California and arrived in my hands early 2011. ‘BULLITT’ number plates are for show purposes, but the car is great to drive and attracts much attention. 

Car is an ‘A’ Code so I left the new motor at a 289 with 4 barrel but a slightly milder cam. Power disc brakes up front and many new suspension replacement items but all standard Mustang as the budget was getting a bit thin. 

When BULLITT hit the movie screens I was about 19 yrs. of age. For me the Mustang was the car of dreams from then on particularly in the BULLIT style as it tells a story as opposed to just ‘posing’. So here I am at 63 and finally the dream came true. I might lower it a bit in the future, but am not yet decided. Perhaps some better creature comforts inside particularly air con.... particularly as our summer here now is up in the mid to high 30’s C."


Below is a picture how it looked like before Greg puts his hands on.
I think we all agree, he did a very excellent job on this one.

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