Bullitt - Friends of Steve McQueen Show 2011, Chino/CA

© Ben Maccabee, Wolfgang Kohrn, pictures Ben Maccabee and Rich Truesdell, June 8th, 2011
Many Bullitt Enthusiasts have typically 2 daydreams. Challenging a Charger in an angled mode (downhill) or seeing a garage door opening and the original Bullitt just parked there in its glory from back then.
The first one is a bit more realistic, with at least about a hundred of Bullitt replicas out there and an estimated double dozen of 68 black Chargers being around worldwide, chances are rare, but according to our reporters happening more often these days. 
Ben Maccabee and the owner of Picture Cars set up this excellent display at the Friends of McQueen show this year.

Famous Hollywood actor Ben enjoyed the time with his dear friend Chad McQueen and posed with enthusiasts near to teh set-up enjoying one of his free days.

Ben Maccabees Bullitt Mustang replica and the Picture Cars 68 Charger display staged for action

Steve Murdoch from Redondo Beach
came up with a new daydream. What if his red car was the father of Lt. Frank Bullitts father?

Well, we never thought of that. How would he himself look like? Wo was the mother of Frank? 

Steve Murdoch displayed his 1948 2-door 5 window Ford with the following display..saying that Frank Bullitts father would have certainly driven this car back then in San Francisco. 

A nice touch to this years show at Chino/California. 

Many Bullitt Mustang 2001 and 2008 owners from that SoCal area participated in the show and had fun.

This time the signmaker at least got the spelling right:)



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