Bullitt - Friends of Steve McQueen Show 2013, Chino/CA© Anthony Bologna, Wolfgang Kohrn, pictures Anthony Bologna, May31 -June 2nd., 2013

May 31 - June 2,2013 was the week-end  to be for the "Boy's Republic"  car show.

The theme this year was the "Great Escape". Frank, Don and myself decided to fly down for the event. The Bullitt Mustang and Charger stayed home covered in the garage.
His Charger was used in a commercial for the Dodge Dart earlier that week. Will have an exclusive story to follow of the early morning casting call. It was an exciting day of shooting in our NorthBeach  neighborhood.

Friday started off meeting old friends and making new ones. The "Boy's Republic" campus built  a replica  backdrop of the P.O.W Camp from the movie the "Great Escape" They had  set up a wine tasting with finger food and a silent auctions of many Steve McQueen artifacts and with the many vendors and sponsors joining in on the event


All the dinner guests were given a P.O.W. ID badges  to wear written in german.  The table center pieces had a basket of baseballs which tied it to Steve McQueen's character in solitary  confinement. The dinner which everyone enjoyed were German delicacies.  The live auction started as dinner was wrapping up which raised well over last years proceeds. The evenings dessert  was once again supplied by the cup cake bakery from the year before which turned to be just as popular again!


On  Friday night and  Saturday day of the car show there were reenactments of the prison breakout, which included the lookout gun tower, German guards,  U.S. soldiers  and a real Sherman tank with crew. It was firing its  50 caliber machine gun, and we were warned by the narrator to be ready to plug our ears when the Sherman tank was ready to fire its cannon.

A stunt motorcyclist drove the infamous barbed wire fence jump as it was done in the movie by Bud Eakins without crashing it into the fence.  An extra addition to the staged P.O.W Camp on Saturday was a P51 Mustang that flew low to simulate a bomb drop at the guard tower, which with special effects blew up.


All in all this years event turned out to be very successful in raising money for the Boys Republic !

Thanks to Chris Burns Director of the "Boy's Republic". To Ronald Harris,  and Peter Dunkel and their assume team of volunteers and  to the "Boy's Republic" student body putting on another great fund raising event!!!

Anthony Bologna enjoys the "Great Escape" theme of the 2013 event
P.O.W. Camp with German soldiers and Gun towers   &nb  &nb

U.S. soldiers with their Willy's Jeep and Sherman tank crew standing by 

The Flux vector De Lorean


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