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A "french style" Mustang comparison test and Bullitt photoshooting in San Francisco

© Anthony Bologna August 2012


French TV (TF1) broadcast team flys across the pond for a 4-5 minute broadcast in the Automoto show and photoshooting in San Francisco

1968 BULLITT Replica and 2013 Mustang GT plus a black Charger were filmed on site 

When we got an inquiry from a french magazine producer for a Bullitt, Anthony Bologna from SFO quickly was back with a set of movie cars to fulfill the pro
ducers dream of a Bullitt themed photoshooting with a 2013 Mustang GT.

Arrangements were made quickly within days and the 6th. to 8th. of August saw some Bullitt action in the streets and near the Golden Gate bridge with bright sunshine for perfect photos. We hope we get a copy of the final mag, when it appears and will ad the pages.

The TV team 

One of the main actors

Action downtown 

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