Dodge Dart vs. Charger 2013 Commercial© Anthony Bologna, Wolfgang Kohrn, pictures Anthony Bologna, May/October 2013


Frank's 68 Charger
is the star again!

 Frank Panacci has a one of a kind car that people just love! So much so that it was in a Dodge Dart commercial for the Canadian market.

   This last May 2013 on the streets of San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood a day that started well before 7:00 am Frank's 1968 Charger was called to action for the filming  of this commercial.  

  The story board is about a road trip that takes place  in a garage. Someone throws a dart on a map and the target is  San Francisco. 

The next scene, the Dodge Dart is flying over the crest of Mason Street being chased by the Charger with Frank Panacci dressed like the actor filling  at the wheel of the long shots. 


Side view of the final commercial scene

Morning of the shoot crew was busy …Camera's were set up at different corners to catch the low action…
professional camera equipment used for the street filming

The visible brake skids are painted on the street.

Anthony Bologna reports about the
Making of the Dodge 2013 Commercial

 Click for movie on youtube
Frank Panaccis black Charger in the final scene next to the red Dodge Dart.   

Frank with his big a grin as he stands by for the next scene with camera and operator setting up to mount the camera in back seat.

Crew attaching  for lighting and camera on the Dodge Dart 

Frank did his own stunts that day driving his car, as he knew the streets much better than anyone else.   
The scene was filmed from different angles but it's the same block being filmed. 

The repetitive challenges that took over 12 hours challenging  the Charger through its paces and tasked the car to it limits!  

That big 440 throttle opening up,brought back memories as well as people out to the street to find out what was happening. Many had stories to tell about where they were back in the 60's.

The commercial ends with an actor look alike of Bill Hickman* sitting in the Charger as he looks over the Dart.

*Bill Hickman - the original Bullitt Charger stunt driver - died 1986 of cancer. RIP

SF Muni motorized Cable Car stand-by for the filming while the real one was stopped by the police a block away

I wonder what the camera operator is thinking being inside a 68 Dodge Charger ready for the jump scene

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