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Fred Nolan 
1968 BULLITT Replica
Fred from Down under wants to do more research with other owners and special research through Kevin Marti.
"I have a 68 Highland Green GT390 built 11 Jan 1968, VIN 8R02S126862, which I understand is very close to the VIN numbers of the original Movie cars.
I believe my car would have been only a few days behind the other 2 on the production line.
When doing some home work on my car, I learnt from Marti that there was only 316 cars produced with the same basic spec's of the Movie cars.
This I believe is the fastback model, colour, S Code 390 engine, GT equipment Group, black interior. After that the 316 would have varied somewhat with the options like 4-Speed/Auto/Seats etc.
The Movie cars were 4-Speeds and it seems that overall, Ford produced about half as manuals and half as auto's.
My interest is in the 316 cars or in particular, the "other 314" cars that were made.
I would like to define these cars as much as possible but keep running into conflicting info on how the 2 movie cars were actually spec'd out.
Most say they were identical but others claim they were different, just made to look the same. No one seems prepared to say what they were.
I'm keen to document these 314 other car's, in as much as how many survive today. I'm excited that I have got one. 313 to go.
I know mine is 1 of 3 built with it;s seating option which put's it into another sub group.
IMy car was restored in 2010 and I drive it regular but only occasionally. It is back to original but with some changes, all original items being in storage.

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