Bullitt - The San Francisco Proclamation© Anthony Bologna, Wolfgang Kohrn, pictures Anthony Bologna, June 21st, 2013

June 21st, 2013

"Knowing that there were very few people that were still around that had something to do with the movie "Bullitt", and knowing that the 45th anniversary of the filming was just around the corner,  Frank Panacci and I wanted to put something together that would be very special. 

We wanted to include the City of San Francisco and see what we could come up with, because we knew that the movie "Bullitt" played a role in putting San Francisco in the spot light.
The chase scene is something that car enthusiasts and movie buffs from all over would love to recreate if allowed.


Through many phones calls and conversations and pulling favors for almost a year, we were able, with the help of San Francisco's Police Seargent Neil Cunningham  to help secure a location and date with City Hall.


June 22nd started early with setting up Frank Panacci's 1968 Mustang and Charger in front of City Hall steps . 
The Hoondog's Greg Autrey, Paul Roucha and Kurt Anderson had organized a cross country tour to SF to celebrate the 45th anniversary with a car show,BBQ and tour of the city. 
They joined us to celebrate and participate in the City giving Chad McQueen and Retired Police Officer Frank Panacci Senior their own proclamations and service award and making June 22, 2013 Bullitt Day in San Francisco


Following the ceremony at City Hall, Chad drove Frank's Mustang escorted by San Francisco Police Department.
Frank' Panacci' s son Tony followed Chad in the Charger and the Hoondog's  35 plus Bullitt cars followed behind.
Can you guess how many cars were playing the theme to "Bullitt"on this ride through the streets of SF?


We started in North Beach neighborhood at the intersections of Columbus  Avenue and Chestnut Street and progressed down through the Taylor Street jump route. 
We took a side street and ended up  at Lombard Street the worlds croakiest street and made our way down. 
The tourists didn't know what came upon them and were surprised to see so many Highland Green Bullitt cars. 
It was assumeto hear the tourists calling out Steve McQueen name, as the parade of cars stopping traffic and the tourists were snapping up photos of the cars and not the popular Lombard street land mark. 
We ended of the tour at the flat apartment on Clay Street where Frank Bullitt's character lived.


Later that evening the Hoondog's put on a great BBQ with the help of the City of Brisbane and their Lion's Club, with plenty  of food and seating and a live band .
At the end of the dinner we were treated to a short Bullitt movie with several guest speakers  (Tony Piazza, Greg Autrey, Frank Panacci and Anthony Bologna) with the behind the scenes filming of Bullitt.

Tony Piazza had a second behind the scene from his personal  8 mm film collection taken at the end of the crash in Brisbane. I think there might be something there that needs to be broken down frame by frame for clues about the Charger that was used and destroyed when it crashed through the gas station!!

Chad thanked everyone for coming to witness and celebrating the proclamation and to this dinner to honor his father.


Saturday morning we met at the hotel parking lot in South San Francisco, so that we could caravan out to Blackhawk Museum in Blackhawk, Calif where the Hoondog's sponsored a car show.  Attendee's were able to go into  the Blackhawk's Car Museum as well as walk around the shopping center attached. It was a wonderful warm day and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.


We  raffled off a poster collage of Frank Panacci Senior that was one of 4 San Francisco Police officers on the set of "Bullitt"

The poster included copied  photos and personal letters to Retired Police Officer Frank Panacci Senior from Steve McQueen. The lucky  winner of the poster was Dave Vallerga. All the proceeds from the raffle  will go to the "Boy's Republic" in Chino, Calif.


What a great week-end that we will never forget! 

A big thank you
- to Mayor Lee, Chief Greg Surh and the City of San Francisco. The Mark Hopkins Hotel

- to Seargent Neil Cunningham  for the many phone calls and email,
- to the motorcycle  police officers that participated in escorting the many many Bullitt Mustang and one Charger
- the City of Brisbane, Brisbane Chamber of Commerce, and the Brisbane Lions Club for the great BBQ Buffet dinner.

- Deputy Chief Frank Panacci,taking time from his busy schedule to make phone calls and sit in on meetings with me

- my wife Sharon that had to keep me focused  for the many sleepless nights 

 - Tony Piazza with his 8 mm home movies of the behind the scenes of "Bullitt"

- Michael O'Donnell from Southern Cal  Bullitt Club for the trip up to Northern Calif to celebrate.


- to Chad McQueen for taking time out from his busy schedule to be in San Francisco to receive the proclamation. Chad was assume in shaking hands,  taking photos, signing dozens of autographs for the many Bullittheads!

- The Hoondog's Paul Rocha, Kurt Anderson, Greg Autrey and the many behind the scene volunteers.
They had printed materials and posters, making connection with the City of Brisbane,

- BlackHawk Museum

The list goes on and finally pulling off a caravan to San Francisco to  help make 45th Bullitt Anniversary a huge success!!

Anthony Bologna enjoyed the Proclamation

The Charger and Mustang in front of the BlackHawk Museum

Officer Padmore gifted Chad a set of S.F.P.D. miniature badges

Charger coming down Lombard Street

L/R Officer Dan Cunningham,brother Sargent Neil Cunningham,Chad,Frank Panacci, Anthony Bologna

Everyone was given a Badge of Lt. McQueen  

The Proclamation for the BULLITT DAY


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